ICObackers Review: Should You Invest in Icobackers or Not?

This post is about ICObackers Review.

Today we gonna talk about a new service known as the ICObackers.

What is ICObackers?

Official site is ICObackers.com

ICObackers is a service team leading by the experts to help a newly established business or an organization lead by any individual to plan their ICO launching. They provide the best possible user experience and empower founders to build ICOs from the surface to the top. The company ensures that the user or the organization get the high level of security.

As they use the krypton capital method in the marketing field so according to that they have a huge knowledge in the crypto trading market. So because of that, they are interconnected with every blockchain developer. They offer the concept like website designing, whitepapers, legal services, customer service, ICO sales and collecting the services.

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ICObackers Review

What services does ICObackers provide?

  • ICO concept creation – they provide ICOs from the base. They will create your ICO from the beginning to the end according to you.
  • Creativity – the company said that the team behind the creation of the ICOs, web designing or whitepapers anything they will always try to represent your stuff in a new creative way every time.
  • Guidance – further they will also guide you in the most important part of your plan, even in your plan only the creation of the whitepaper. You can take guidance for the making process of whitepapers.
  • Genuine concepts – they will provide you all legal documents with concept according to your plan. So that the risk level could maintain very low graph for your plan.
  • Customer care – they also provide the customer care support 24 hours.
  • ICO-pre students – As a participant in ICO pre-sales, they can be helpful in terms of determining the best way possible for trading in the ICOs.
  • Escrow agents – they provide a bond or a deed during the specific condition. They provide help for the voting process for the users for the investment in digital trading.
  • Advisors – they provide the team of advisors to their users for a positive decision in the trading market.

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Software services

  • ICO platform – As they are creative they also try to learn the new techniques of the ICO’s trading platform.
  • Token configuration – they have tokens consist of multiple covered areas in terms of value, a condition in the crypto trading market.
  • Token exchange list – they provide the techniques for the token exchanging process.
  • Software engineering – as you will use this platform, the above information states that they will provide the full support, guidance in ICOs, advice, concepts etc. so you will get a perfect trade guide.

Developer Team

  • CEO – Delzar Khalaf
  • CTO – Nashwan Khatib
  • CCO – Alexandra Poier
  • CMO – Lev David
  • Creative director – Stan Kirilov
  • Affiliate director – Elise Nusbaum
  • Financial Advisor – Petar Lipovyanov

Marketing skills

  • They have a good marketing plan.
  • Standing with a good execution and optimization.
  • To get an update on new Blockchain sites on daily basis.
  • Helpful in a press release.
  • Because of the bounty feature user will get the deal offer or compensations from various sites.
  • In this platform, you can connect the vast and numbers of majority you need to build.
  • They also have a unique feature of celebrity endorsement.
  • You will also receive a network considering the exhibitions and sponsorship.


If you are a beginner, an intermediate or a pro level investor and if you want any kind of support, help then this platform will surely help you. If you want a help or support in building your ICO or to investing in ICO you can get a correct amount of guidance and advice from the ICO backer’s expert team. I

t is not made to trade it is made to help in a trade. Here the risk level is low as it is help which you can take if needed. If you don’t want the given idea for the support you can leave it. It’ up to you to use it or not.

So It is my simple and honest ICObackers Review. If you like this then please share with your colleagues and family.



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