Find Out Whether Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic

Find Out Whether Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic

Most fashion brands believe it to be the most powerful tool and use Instagram to promote their product and business to get more traffic to their website. Instagram has enough capabilities in it to reward the fashion designers and it has proved its ability within this short period of eight years since its launch.

However, there are still a lot of fashion retailers and designers who are apprehensive about this giant social media platform considering it to be an inspirational moodboard which has little to be called a commercial juggernaut that can revolutionize sales.

Well, to these apprehensive people the captivating nature of Instagram is unknown. Often people who check their Instagram account before going to bed are seldom able to leave it after a few minutes.

Few of them even end up buying a pair of designer shoes or clothing after an hour and a half. Such is the captivating power of Instagram. Apart from that, It has features which justifies that Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic:

  • A very strong public relations power to establish an easy and fast connect between two or a couple of followers
  • A power to deliver high level of engagement amongst the followers
  • A lot of useful tools and features to tell a story through stories and
  • A power to tantalize the brain cells to like a product and make a purchase.

Is there anything else that you want as a fashion retailer to reach out to more targeted audiences and promote your business and product and generate revenue?

No pushy sales | Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic

Since Instagram allows easy sharing of pictures that the followers like anytime and with anyone there are lots of instances where such late night shopping is very common. It all matters on the number of followers and the traffic to your website.

Instagram is so popular and even more than few other similar social media channels because there is no “Buy Me” button under the pictures that are posted and shared. If you like you click on the profile of the account and it will take you to the landing page of the shopping website.

 It means you do not have to buy a product if you like it as there is no pushy approach and this adds a feeling of discovery to the proceedings.

In other words, it is not reshaping the way people buy fashion clothes but Instagram is simply changing the way fashion is sold thereby making it so popular.

Depends on the number

Talking about the number, a look at the different numbers and figures will make you even more confident about Instagram.

  • You can change the number of traffic and even track them easily through Instagram.
  • Though this is the eighth largest social networking platform in the world, it is undoubtedly the number one platform in the fashion world.

Substantiating the fact, last year the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded it the media award that was previously bequeathed upon journalists and photographers only. This tells about its success in shifting more products more directly with an increase in traffic.

Viral nature of Instagram Makes It The Powerful Tool To Increase the Fashion Traffic On Your Website

Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic

Undoubtedly, Instagram has a viral nature and service providers like Gramista and others has taken Instagram marketing to the next level with the use of science and technology along with the innovative features of the Instagram platform itself.

It is much more potent in spreading commercial messages in a better way when it comes to fashion. That’s why Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic.

You will not need a huge fan following to grab attention as only one Instagram picture among the 80 million posted every day can do the magic.

It will easily and effectively drive users to its original source. Therefore, ideally there is no better social media platform at present, given the huge number of active users of Instagram, that will more effectively and easily re-gram your product making you a successful marketer and a winner.

You can quickly equate to big bucks by tapping on the new generation of shoppers who are hooked on to this mobile photo-based platform. Due to these features also Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic.

Inspired by the lifestyle as well as product, you will be on this journey with them. The fact that there are new young designers coming to this industry you have a huge opportunity to grow with them.

Glimpse into the designers minds

The fact that Instagram allows the followers to have a glimpse into the mind of the designers has also made it an effective tool to increase traffic and community engagement. Apart from that the other facts that make Instagram so intriguing and effective are:

  • It allows a look into the stock cupboard
  • Turns a feed into a living mood board
  • Designers are more focused on providing into their working process
  • It shows their mind sets and inspiration.

All these features along with the unique product in turn help the designers to sell their stuff.

The rhetoric

It is the rhetoric that is thrown by the huge conglomerates around regarding the surprising labels that are more in number is not seizing on Instagram when it comes to the opportunity of telling a story to seduce consumers.

This is due to that fact that through Instagram you will not reach to just a few hundred press releases or magazines or newspaper readers but in fact you will reach out to millions, 800 to be precise. Due to these features we say that Instagram Is The Most Powerful Tool To Increase Fashion Traffic.

What is more, you will reach to people beyond your local demographic but around the globe which is most important to increase traffic.

Therefore, Instagram is all about story telling posts that include engaging pictures with equally engaging captions, cute emojis and product numbers that enables the users to locate for pieces they want accurately and in a shirt time.

As it turns out, these features along with the inspirational story work together the best to lead to a huge number of checkout clicks resulting in an increased number of traffic.

Chances of being creative on this social media platform seem endless that you can do in a straightforward way. Your followers will surely engage with it in a much stronger way.

So, by far now we have covered all the topic related to the Instagram marketing & revenue. We hope that it will definitely help you to make some money using Instagram. If you have any suggestion or questions do let us know in the comment section. We would love to here from you.

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