Interesting facts about human instinct

Instinct is an integral part of our survival. Like animals, we humans also behave on instinct and are hard-wired for having certain behavior genetically. These behaviors and instincts are important and vital to cope up with the potential threats and dangerous in the environment. The evolution of human civilization is based on the survival instinct of our ancestors that saved us from the potential threats and dangers. For example in the primitive world, humans were divided into tribes and groups. The tension among them including, denial, revenge, greed or sometimes loyalty for tribe has made things difficult and dangerous for survival. The situation and behavior go hand in hand and unless we do not change our behavior it is difficult to survive. So you must know how to define Instinct and get benefit from it.

As humans, we have different instincts imbibed in our culture and they are hard-wired in our system to enhance of caliber and strength both physically, mentally and emotionally.  For example, we have a fear of snakes, and this fear s innate.

The instinct feelings are not just positive but they are also accompanied by fear, denial, revenge and a strong sense of greed and survival. The instinct of threat about our extinction has urged us to procreate and to create our workforce in form of children. The humans like animals have instinct and most of them are common with having historical background. The primitive life in jungles has taught us many things and has helped in developing these instincts. Some instincts that we have developed with time are-

  • We have a basic human instinct of greed and accumulation. This instinct of greed has forced us to make the social and economic systems that prevail in our society. They have helped us in covering our greed.
  • Our instinct of survival and reproduction to have workforce and support has kept us in the state of complete denial where we are no longer able to see that earth is not able to take care of 7.6 billion people. We must choose quality human life rather than quantity.
  • We as humans are evolved with love and fear for certain creatures. Creatures like snakes, wolves are feared by humans since their evolution and the similar instinct is transformed into generations. The prehistoric instincts have helped us in surviving in the menacing situations while we didn’t have the resources and technologies that we have now.

The evolution of human instinct

Human instinct has evolved long ago and has helped us in surviving through the phase of being hunter-gatherers when the only shelters we had were natural caves. This instinct behavior has helped us in adapting, innovating methods of living and surviving in the world full of dangers.

The instincts of greed, survival are the things we have in our heart and personality for being ahead in life from others. They are inherited in life by humans and together they have helped in survival. Not just in the primitive world but in present also the instinct has played an important role in making things better for us. The survival instinct in men is the reason why we pre-estimate potential threats and use our strength in removing them.

Human instinct is the best gift man has got from his ancestors. The instinct is the reason for our survival and evolution in the past and in the present as well. We are nothing without this instinct that is our guiding soul for better life.

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