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  • Homebuyers will be able to purchase under-construction properties directly from the developers.
  • Investors will receive discounted offers from developers worldwide. Off-plan properties will be put up for a private auction on blockchain starting from the net cost. It will reduce the cost for investors.
  • INTRO Token holders will receive the international market data and investment offers.
  • The regular service fee on transactions in INTRO Sale and INTRO REstate is 3% on the deal amount.
  • Active users in the INTRO ecosystem will be rewarded by bonus tokens for any activities in the system as leaving property reviews, using chats & feedback forms, adding pictures of properties, etc.


  • Risk is associated with buying properties as the information for property can be provided by any user on the platform.
  • If the user don’t have a knowledge in buying properties then there are chances that he will increase the amount of property in the auction without a reason.
  • The team has done the market research for the project but has any shot of practical knowledge. Which leads many questions against the project success rate.

How many of you know the name AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Probably everyone who is reading this article. If I ask you that how many of you know about BI (Business Intelligence)? The answer will be very few of us.

The demand for BI (Business intelligence) is increasing day by day by market players and regulators. Nowadays more than 10 million home buyers invest in off-plan properties mostly in BRICS countries. Most of the time the residential properties in India, Brazil and Russia are sold at the construction stage only.

Off-plan investments are good but it is always risky due to low market transparency.

INTRO ICO are the first to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to collect and process data on off-plan development investment. This will be done from the official state registries.

The main aim of the INTRO platform is to make the global off-plan property market transparent and to protect the developers and homebuyers against insecure investment.

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What is INTRO?

INTRO is a BI (Business Intelligence) system for the participants of off-plan development – builders, investors, homebuyers, banks and other agents.

INTRO IT products provide access to advanced market analytics for industry professionals as well as for private homebuyers. The register of under construction objects and investors’ contracts are stored in the blockchain, which in turn receives data from official state sources.

This allows for effective market analysis without violating the proprietors’ rights to personal data protection.

INTRO system users will be able to find the most attractive off-plan properties in dozens of countries and invest in the ongoing construction under smart contracts. The blockchain ensures reliability of the information about the building plan and transaction security, while avoiding costs of intermediation by real estate brokers, lawyers or profiteers. Smart contracts enable the users to save up to 30% on property investment.

White Paper

What problems does INTRO solves and how?

There are no unified registers are available for the under construction companies. INTRO system consist of dynamic database of the off-plan properties.

In today’s world data management for the off-plan properties in the state registers are not well structured. INTRO platform does the automated linguistic analysis is employed for data tokenization. Then the property ownership records are matched with building plans with the use of AI technology. This way, the system detects and corrects errors caused by the human factor or changes in building designs.

Registration done for the properties are for only house, flat or bungalow and not for the apartments, parking lots and commercial properties which are in under construction. INTRO ecosystem analyses floor plans of under construction buildings. Each off-plan property can be found on the plan and marked as “sold” when its developer cedes property rights to the investor. This allows for instant monitoring of sold and stock properties.

A special module in INTRO checks the relation between investment volume and construction phase. This will control mechanisms for stages and off-plan construction. INTRO users can access the anonymized state records on off-plan development agreements. It helps investors and homebuyers to find a reliable developer and profitable property. These both are also the main problem of off-plan data management of properties.

How INTRO works?

Data on the off-plan objects and share participation is loaded from the state accounting systems into the distributed register. The transactions data is anonymized and stored with in the block chain with regular uploading of latest deals from divisional sources. Data in the INTRO system is updated each month.

Based on the received data, INTRO generates market metrics. The primary indicators of the ecosystem are sales dynamics, market shares of the companies, stocks of off-plan property, competition by any location and layout kind.

Aggregated data involves different IT products of the system that are made for private investors, real estate brokers and home buyers. INTRO users do not need to scrutinize official documents or pay for this to an intermediary. The products of the system are designed to ensure that any investor can conclude a moneymaking contract with a reliable developer.

Other components of INTRO ecosystem?

INTRO sale – it is a private online auction for developers and property buyers.

INTRO sale

INTRO COINvest – This is a social application for home buyers.


INTRO REstate – It’s an online store of, Off-plan properties at developers’ prices.

intro restate

ICO Details

ICO date 1st June 2018 to 31st July 2018
Token symbol ITR
Token price USD 0.40 (40 cents)
Soft cap 15 million USD
Hard cap 3 million USD
Minimum purchase 12 USD
Maximum purchase 5 million USD
Pre-sale 2 million ITR
Pre-ICO 10 million ITR
ICO 148 million ITR
Accepted fiat currency EUR, USD
Accepted Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, LTC, DSH, BCH

Token Distribution


Pre-sale – 30% Discount

Pre-ICO – 30% Discount

At ICO (from 1st June to 14th of June) – 15% Discount

ICO (from 15th June to 30th June) – 10% Discount

ICO (from 1st July to 14th July) – 5% Discount

Further than that – No Discount


This project is not for everyone. INTRO project is mainly focused on real estate trader, sellers, buyers, constructors, builders and etc. it is a property dealing site with some advanced features powered by blockchain technology. There is no use of this platform or ITR tokens in the normal day to day life of a ordinary man.

Visit ICO Website

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