Is VLSI A Good Option Career For Students?

What is VLSI?

  1. VLSI is also known as Very Large Scale Integration. This is a field in which an integrated circuit is made using millions of transistors with a single chip.
  2. Nowadays, VLSI devices are found everywhere in the world. We can easily see VLSI chips in cars, cell phones, home appliances, and many other places.
  3. Therefore, this is a rapidly growing sector that offers so many job opportunities for the students.
  4. People having strong fundamentals in electronic circuit design and hardware description languages are given the high rated jobs.
  5. All the advances made in geometrics, feature and product innovations on a daily basis are done in this field.

Therefore, VLSI is a good career option for students. If you are finding for VLSI courses in Bangalore, then you can check on the internet. Having the best institute will help you with better studies and placements.

What are the job opportunities in the field of VLSI?

VLSI is a field that offers exciting job offers to the students, according to their growth rate. There are so many good opportunities for students who are strong in electronic design fundamentals. And also for students having interests in VLSI design and verification and know how to apply VLSI concepts to practice. Now, we will discuss the job opportunities of VLSI. Have a look properly to know everything in detail.

  • Design Engineers:

  1. The first job opportunity that is offered to students of VLSI is design engineers. This is a designation in which the people are mainly responsible for the design implementation.
  2. The design kinds followed in this designation are mentioned as follows:
  3. ASIC- Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design.
  4. AMS- Analog Mixed-Signal Design.
  5. Custom Designs- Transistor Levels.
  6. PCB- Board Design.

There are so many job titles also under this designation. Have a look to know:

  1. Back-end Designer.
  2. AMS Designer.
  3. DFT Designer
  4. PCB Designer and many more.
  • Verification Engineers:

This is a job designation in which the students have to verify the designs and make sure if the designs work properly or not. There is a very high demand for this position because 70% of projects in India are verification projects.

There are so many kinds of the verification process. Let’s discuss them:

  1. Hardware Software co-verification.
  2. Product validation- Validating EDA tools.
  3. Acceleration/Emulation- Validation.
  4. Front end Verification- Simulation.

The further job designations available in this field are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Validation Engineers.
  2. Modelling Engineers.
  3. Verification Consultants.
  • CAD Engineer:

  1. These are the engineers that are mainly responsible for managing the license and EDA tools.
  2. They evaluate all the EDA solutions and methodologies.
  3. The CAD engineer further integrates EDA tools and develop flows. Therefore, there are no further designations under this opportunity.
  • Marketing and Sales:

  1. This is also a job opportunity available after the VLSI course. In marketing and sales, the students have to promote brand and sales products.
  2. A good application engineer is eligible for these jobs. This is because application engineers can easily manage marketing and sailing.

By the end of this article, we will suggest that VLSI is a good career option. If you are thinking to do the VLSI course, then go and do VLSI training in Bangalore. Bangalore is having the best institutes of VLSI.

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