Kashmir Sapphire Buying Guide: 5 Tips While Purchasing Kashmir Blue Sapphires

The fabled Kashmir blue sapphires have been characteristic in their beauty and luster. The Indian Himalayan state produced the rarest form of blue sapphire gemstones that were hard to find anywhere else in the world. The finest stones from the valley have a fantastic blue shine and consistent luster under any type of light.

Whether you place it beneath fluorescent lights of a suburban supermarket or see them in the candlelight of a cozy bistro, they look exceptionally beautiful. In fact, the true blue hue and velvety texture of royal blue Kashmir sapphire put it in a higher league than its counterparts. They are highly rare and extremely precious. Hence, you must do your homework before buying these scintillating gemstones. Here is a guide to help you:

  1. Know About the Origin:

As mentioned earlier, the rarest blue sapphires are excavated from mines in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from their stunning glaze and beauty, they are immensely rare. This brand quality of blue sapphires was discovered in Padar region of Kashmir Valley near Sumjam.

The peak mining season in this mine was between 1882 and 1887. Extensive mining led to exhaustion and depletion of these mines. Later on, the mining was discontinued in this region. This makes Kashmiri sapphire extremely rare and highly valuable.

  1. Know About the Color:

Kashmir sapphire is a valuable gemstone from corundum mineral family. It displays brilliant color in its smooth velvety texture. Since mining has been discontinued in this region, no new sapphires are entering the commercial market. Hence, their availability is limited to a few stones. Hence, you must carefully examine the color of a gemstone before laying your heart on a Kashmiri sapphire ring for sale.

The stones mined in Kashmir have a pure cornflower blue or dark royal blue color. They have deep intensity and bright luster. The pure blue hue is intensified by saturation of color in these stones. Though, the color of Kashmir sapphires may range from colorless to purple stones as well.

Color of a gemstone is a major factor for determining its value as well. Prior to making a purchase, you must check if the images shown on the website are real or not. Blue sapphire has a pure color with no overtones of purple or violet color. Medium to medium-dark is the right tone to be chosen. When investing in a rare quality like Kashmir sapphire, avoid buying stones having uneven colors.

In the color assessment of a gemstone, saturation or the amount of color is also an important factor. It highly affects the final price of the stone. Prefer optimal saturation ranging from moderate to strong. If saturation is below moderate, gem looks pale while too much of saturation will make it look darker.

  1. Know About Clarity:

In general, blue sapphires are known to possess slight inclusions in the form of rutile needles. It is due to the presence of titanium oxide in its composition. This chemical structure results in a velvety soft shine peculiar to Kashmir blue sapphires. Due to these inclusions, the transparency and value of the stone may be affected to a certain degree. But, the beautiful hue and saturated colors compensate them. In fact, these inclusions are known to be helpful indicators for determining authenticity and origin of Kashmiri sapphires.

Typically, eye clean stones are considered top quality despite some inherent inclusions. The fine needle-like lines running through the stone’s interiors will not affect blue sapphire stone price if they aren’t visible to eyes. If you are buying this stone for astrological reasons, you should be extra careful to pick the sapphires having flawless structure and integrity. The price may be higher for such stones. But, they are worth it.

  1. Know About the Cut:

It is hard to find Kashmir blue sapphire for sale in a perfectly symmetrical and well-faceted cut. To retain the carat weight of these stones, most of the jewelers avoid fancy cuts. You should ideally look for a stone that strikes a balance between its size and overall appearance. As a matter of fact, stones with a simple round or oval shape are easy to cut and they fetch a lower price. On the other hand, stones with fancy cuts like cushion, pear, heart, radiant, or marquise are expensive.

Whatever is the type of cut, it should reflect the light perfectly to enhance the beauty of the stone. It requires a lot of precision to cut stones like Kashmir blue sapphires that have minute rutile inclusions in their structure. It depends on an expert to bring out the best luster and shine of the stone without disturbing its basic composition. So, prefer buying this stone from a reputable vendor even if Kashmir sapphire cost is slightly higher at such stores.

  1. Assess the Price:

Due to their rarity and incredible beauty, Kashmir sapphires are extremely valuable and fetch a higher price. In fact, Kashmir blue sapphire price in India starts at INR 100,000 per carat. Auction prices may be steeply higher than this. It depends on the color, carat weight, and cut of the stone. These factors not only determine the quality, but also the value of a gemstone.

When comparing the prices of Kashmir sapphires on various online platforms, make an assessment based on above-mentioned factors. If an online vendor offers extremely low prices for this variety of blue sapphire, it may not be the best place to buy the gemstone. As your protection against fake sellers, check the reputation of the store and ask for a gemology report for proving the authenticity of the gemstone.

A trusted website like Gempundit.com offers personalized support, detailed catalogs, clear videos, and trustworthy testimonials to prove their authenticity. They provide a free lab certificate from a recognized gemology laboratory to ensure your peace of mind.

Consider all these factors when purchasing a gemstone that’s as rare and valuable as Kashmir sapphire stone online. These stones aren’t available commonly. Remember, they are without peer in the world. So, they command higher value and a lot of adulation for their unparallel beauty. Hence, you must stay cautious and make your decisions wisely.

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