Want to make your horse sparkle? Useful tips to count on

Want to make your horse sparkle? Useful tips to count on

Horses have an element of royalty and class about them! And no horse owner wants to see their horses in a shabby, untidy and unimpressive state. Instead, they would want their horses to dazzle, glow and sparkle like what gets shown in the horse magazine covers.

Horse care is an intricate subject! You have to do the right thing at the right time. If you want your horse to look like the ones that you see in Pompano Park and the like, you need to add in some extra horse care elements to your daily routine. Here’s how to go about it.

Make your horse sparkle – Get a cactus cloth

Do you have a gray horse? If yes, chances are your horse loves to get completely dusty! And a cactus cloth is your savior. You can remove off the sweat, manure and grass stains easily, compared to a brush or even a curry.

Also, the woven fiber helps to rub the horse’s coat and to get back the shine. The cactus cloth is an affordable buy. This is the best way to make your horse sparkle.

Bring home a healthy hair care moisturizer to make your horse sparklemake your horse sparkle

It is one of the top choices of most horse owners. You can get this at a pocket-friendly price. It is highly conditioning and has natural ingredients as opposed to the drying sprays that have silicone in them.

You can use it to spray on the tails, manes, and coats and also rub it in the horse body using a soft towel or brush. You can use it when your horse is clean, dry or even dirty. You can notice the shine and feel the soft velvety touch.

Bathing is crucial to make your horse sparklemake your horse sparkle

It might come across as common advice, but regular bathing is essential to make your horse glow and shine. Use a natural shampoo while bathing your horse.

Make it a point to rinse off the horse’s coat. Some horse owners also add a cup of apple cider vinegar in the water while bathing the horse. It helps to remove the residual dust particles and improves the horse’s appearance which will indirectly help you to make your horse sparkle.

Take care of your horse’s diet and health

Just like humans, the health and glow of a horse depend on diet and lifestyle. So keep a check on the horse health and also know the horse food that you should feed your horse to for the horse to stay healthy and glowing.

Coconut oil can work wonder to make your horse sparklemake your horse sparkle











Coconut oil comes with nourishing elements that can give your horse the glow and shine you’ve been looking for! Horse owners can apply coconut oil on the horse hooves using a small sponge.

You can use it replacing the conventional hoof oil as well. Additionally, you can also use it on the horsetail and manes for facilitating hair growth.

Furthermore, coconut oil is also an excellent choice if you have to address skin irritations and minor cuts. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can heal manifold.

Don’t let your horse go to rags! It is crucial that you take good care of your horse and make sure it radiates a healthy glow. For that, you can count on the five crucial health care tips discussed above and see the difference.


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