Mandala ICO Review (MDX Token): Trading Platform for New Comers

Mandala ICO

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  • Enterprise-level matching system - Lean design and advanced risk controls
  • Trading of any digital assetAdvanced & custom APIs
  • Financial Integrations - Banking, settlement, and payment rails
  • Multi-language support to attract global client
  • Institutional grade throughput and security


  • Hardware wallet seems to be the difficult part
  • Very difficult to sustain because already many platforms are running

When I started investing in cryptocurrency or more simply in Bitcoin I started facing difficulties in that time. Doing market research, trading on some price, market analysis all these things are just ridiculous for me.

In starting time there is no proper blog but now there are lots of crypto guide blogs are present where my site is one of them. I am lucky that I have not face any loss in trading but many people are facing loss in trading because they didn’t have an idea how to trade or invest in cryptocurrency.

Learning and practising are one of the key roles of any investment. Although we have many platforms where we can practise for trading we need one platform how teach us how to invest?

Imagine if we can implement artificial intelligence in the trading platform to understand big data and give you warning about the market crash before happing, how much you can save. Mandala is a first cryptocurrency platform which is enabling and focusing on the user rather than making money like other exchanges.

What is Mandala?

Mandala is a trading platform which will bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency asset in one platform giving you simple user interface and easy to understand technology for trading. Mandala is introducing an MDX token which helps you understand the market and invests in cryptocurrency using simple tools.

Name Mandala means connecting universe through blockchain. Mandala has some trading bot which helps you to make a profit during trading.

White Paper

According to the paper they say” Our vision is to make trading actions on the platform very simple to understand and execute.”

What problem Does Mandala Going to solve?

If you look at the last few year market cap growth than you can understand after the Amazon is the fastest growing company in the world. But wait have you look at this table?

Cryptocurrency market is growing at the rate of 3300% in last year. Now you can understand people are attracting towards cryptocurrency very fast. Maybe you are one of them who started investing in this fro last year.

Although a huge amount of people coming every year in cryptocurrency market we are lacking with supportive trading tools and communication within the community. some exchange operates unethically operate just like an online casino.

One of the biggest problem people face how come new in this field, they didn’t understand how to successfully leverage trading tools.

Mandala going to solve all this problem with inbuilt trading bots and with other tools.

Comparison of Mandala Platform with others

Security Features

  • 2FA & 3FA securit support
  • Hardware wallet integration
  • Multi-signature wallet structure
  • Anti-DDoS attack security solutions
  • IP whitelisting
  • Wallet address whitelisting
  • Third-party security audits
  • Anti-phishing alerts
  • Withdrawal confirmation emails

Mandala Hardware wallet

Mandala is going to offer first hardware wallet integrated trading platform. You can trade and store your cryptocurrency in this hardware wallet. All cryptocurrency are stored in an offline manner. Now you hold your private key and other things.

They are planning to build first hardware wallet which opens with fingerprint technology. You can find the first look of wallet in this image showing below.

Risk involved

  •  Highly speculated trading price risks
  •  Tokens may be non-refundable
  •  Blockchain network congestion
  •  Failure to receive or maintain permits or licenses
  •  New technology development risks
  • Attempted attacks on token smart contracts
  •  Lack of interest in the platform
  •  Cryptocurrency market price volatility
  • Regulations and compliance risks

ICO Details 

Whitelist/KYC Whitelist + KYC
Country Cayman Islands
Ticker MDX
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC20
Available for sale 260,000,000 MDX (65%)
Pre-sale Price 1 MDX = 0.07 USD
ICO Price 1 MDX = 0.07 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Soft cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap 18,000,000 USD

Token Distribution 


Mandala ICO is live and now you can buy MDX token. The trading platform they are planning to build is good but it is very difficult to sustain in the competitive market. As user and security is their main targeted area so they can grow faster as compared to others. Also, hardware wallet, which they are planning to launch is very new and good in technology. I think market cap of that hardware is big as compared to other technology.

I think Mandala ICO seems to be legit. You can invest in it. Currently, 5% of bounce is active. So don’t wait just buy it.

Visit ICO Website

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