Mirocana ICO Review: Artificial intelligence Token for prediction?

This post is about Mirocana ICO Review.

In the last post, we sawed new ICO i.e. electroneum ICO. Today we will see new ICO that is Mirocana ICO and its Miro coin.so lets start Mirocana ICO Review

What is Mirocana coin?

Mirocana ICO is an artificial intelligence based platform where an individual is awarded based on their work.

Here system will predict based on contribution and rewarded for work. Mirocana will distribute all work and currency based on human intelligences.

According to the official site, they describe itself as “a complex predicting system based on deep-learning neural nets that collect, store and analyze huge volumes of financial data.”

Anyone who has knowledge of coding can improve the Mirocoin prediction system and get rewarded for the work in the form of Mirocoin.

Currently, they are launching 3 types of product.

Stock market:

According to the whitepaper, Mirocana system will predict top 400 companies of trades on NYSE and NASDAQ exchange. This product is available for top 200 members who hold maximum Miro coin.

Currency market:

Mirocana system will be able to handle your OANDA account using 125 pairs of currency with OANDA broker. For the access of this product, you should buy a minimum of 10,000 Miro coin which is equivalent of 10 Ethereum ( here 1 Mirocoin=0.001 ETH). This service will be launch in 1 march of 2018.

Cryptocurrency market:

Mirocana system is able to handle you poloniex account using prediction of 90 pairs with poloniex. To get access to this product you should have at least 5000 Miro coin which is equivalent to 5 ETH. After the sell, it will require 15000 tokens to get access to this product. This service will be available for you after the 1st Feb of 2018.

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How mirocana works?


Mirocana pre-sale

Mircana presale started from 19th October 2017 and ends on 29th October 2017. You can buy token using Ethereum cryptocurrency. The minimum investment is 1 ETH. They have a market cap of 130000 ETH. There will be a total supply of 200,000,000 MIRO tokens.

Pre-sale Terms

If you buy up to 10 ETH you get 5% discount.

If you buy up to 50 ETH you get 10%.

Buy up to 100 ETH you get 20% discount.

If you buy from 100 ETH then the discount is individually discussed.

Team of Mirocana

George Petrov (Founder and CEO), Evgeniy Ulyanov (Head of Operations), Daria Patanina (Head of Marketing), and Vasily Boychuk (Head of Data Science).

Advantage of Mirocana ICO/Mirocana ICO Review:


They have a bunch of quality Engineers how solve problems from scratch. Unlike other ICO, they do not use third-party software for problem-solving.

Predictable human system:

Some of the strategies of Mirocana are based on human traders and hedge fund managers.

Multiple investment options:

Miro coin not only works for cryptocurrency but also used for stock and currency market.

Multiple predictions:

They are building three platforms for crowdsourced where learning will improve overall prediction of the system.


Mirocoin is artificial intelligences based system where system promise traders to give strategies for investment. Investors can make money using this strategy. This concept is amazing although it is doubtful how much this prediction will be correct.

Also, whitepaper has some sentence which does not make any sense. May be Reason of this is translation in 3 other languages. If the system is legit then investing in Mirocoin will be great and profitable.


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