Multiversum ICO Review (MTV Token): 4th Generation of Blockchain

Multiversum ICO

$1 USD





Community and Media







  • First ever ico with blockchain technology of 4th generation
  • Hardware wallet with biometric lock
  • Fast transaction
  • High security compares to present technology


  • Unexperienced team
  • The idea is new, the project is big but the team is not.
  • No proper explanation how they will implement this in the white paper
  • no proper explanation

If you are a crypto lover than you will know problem which we are facing with bitcoin, ether and others during the transaction. They are first, the second generation of blockchain technology.  

We need fast feature new blockchain technology who can solve all this problem. Multivisruem such a type of ico.

What is Multiversum?  

Bitcoin is the first generation of cryptocurrency which is considered as a first generation of the blockchain. Than Ethereum uses the second generation of blockchain technology with smart contract enabled with we help in easy tokenization of assets. But both generation of blockchain has low energy efficiency and medium block validation speed.


With the help of blockchain technology of 4 generation, Multiversum going to solve current problems such as slow transaction speed, security and a high fee. Some of the problems which going to solve with Multiversum. 

White Paper

What problem does Multiversum solve?  

Cryptorealtional database  

Presently we have blockchain which much differs than a relational database. Multivisurem going to solve this problem by implementing first ever crypto relational database in blockchain technology  

splitting chains   

This feature allows parallel work transaction load at multiple nodes. each node will contain whole chain data.

Transaction speed 

With Multiversum we will get first-ever hardware wallet which going to open with biometric signal. That means the customer can hold their private key. More security compares to present exchanges.  


The transaction can be rollback for security purpose.

Freezable wallet  

Wallet freezing feature, allow freezing wallet with suspected activities  

Proof of integrity   

Multivisreum uses proof of integrity algorithm to implement which can be defined as a set of algorithms able to verify the cryptographic validity of a compiled node and uniformity of response from the majority of nodes.   

Transaction speed 

Because of heavy load on the blockchain, transaction speed is slow. Mulitvisurem allows reducing transaction speed to 2 seconds.  

 Features  of Multiversum

  • Fully decentralized system  
  • Backup nodes  
  • Biometric data access  
  • Fraud prevention rollback  
  • Low fee  
  • Multicurrency wallet  

What is New in Multiversum ?

  • Achievement of a Crypto Relational DB with self-validating Complex Data Structures   
  •  Divisible / re-joinable chains based on current system workload (Parallel Work)
  •  DataSharding(Parallel Work)  
  •  Advanced API offering
  • Rollback (User Security)
  • Freezable wallets (User Security)
  • Integration of biometric data as a seed for the Electronic Signature
  • ERC23 interface (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  • Native off-chain adaptors for its own ERC20/ERC23 (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  • Native off-chain adaptors for ERC20/ERC23 guests (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  • Proof of Integrity (Protocol Innovation)
  • Double Access Lock (Structural Security)
  • Reverse Access Denial (Structural Security)
  • Reciprocal Chain Confirmation (Interoperability with other blockchains)
  • Integration for Java, Spring and Javascript  
  • ACID model
  • Transactional Model
  • SQL-like language

Multiversum ICO Deatils

Token MTV
Token type ERC20
ICO Token Price 1 MTV = 1.00 USD
Available for Token Sale 76%
Accepts BTC, Eth, BItcoin Cash, LTC, Dash, Nem
Total Tokens 141,000,000
Sold on pre-sale 6,219,373 USD

Bonus Details

Token Distribution  

15% Founders and team (blocked for 12 months)   

6% Collaborators   

3% Advisors, Partnership   

76% Contributors  


The idea behind Multiversum is great but the implementation of such high-level project is tough. Also, there is no proper explanation in white paper. If you check homepage of Multiversum you will get download option for application from google play but when you will click you going to redirect explorer of Multiversum.  

It is your choice you can buy or skip this token.  

Visit ICO Website

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