Neo Coin Review: How Neo is different from Ethereum?

This is Neo Coin Review post which show How Neo is different from Ethereum?

The competitors in the cryptocurrency market are increasing day by day. The competition in this digital trading is becoming tough in these days. The inventions of the new blockchain, new cryptocurrency are increasing the level and the option for the investors to invest in the market.

Today many people are interested in the investment of cryptos like Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins etc. these all shows how much people are eager to invest and to earn a good amount of money from that. The eager of the investors help the world to know more about the cryptocurrency. As now it is spread all over the world, so now more people want to know and invest in it.

As the result, many companies, many experts team from the different country are inventing new coin with new features, new blockchain to give a tough competition in the reputed cryptos system.

So today in we will review a new digital currency called as Neo lets start Neo Coin Review.

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What is Neo coin?

Neo coin is also called as china’s Ethereum or Ethereum’s killer. In this post, we will see that is it true or not?

In today’s world, many companies are inventing new coins based on new blockchains giving new features to the investors. So tempting this coin as Ethereum’s killer for me it will be not so correct.

NEO is the first decentralized platform, based on open source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform established in China. It is very popular in China. It used to be called as Antshares. After that, they changed the name. with this, they also changed the technical criteria also moving towards the smart contracts.

They have two core developers. They also worked hard on digital assets to increase the feature. So that trading will be easier.

How does Neo coin work?

The features of Ethereum and Neo coins are very much similar. So to understand the mechanism of Neo coin first you should have some of the knowledge about Ethereum.

Neo Coin Review

As it is a decentralized platform, so here people can make decentralized application in the smart contract of the Neo blockchain. They have their own proprietors language that developers can use on the blockchain. The market capability of Neo is 100 million tokens. Which can be used for the creation of block, management of the network and network changes.

During the block creation, these 100 million tokens are pre-mined. The total flow supply of Neo is approx. 50 million tokens. The current price per unit of a Neo token is $28.39. so, in my opinion, it is actually giving a tough competition in the digital crypto market.

GAS is used for the anticipation of Neo resource control of the network. The token limit is 100 million. For the storage of tokens and smart contracts, Neo applies some charges that creates an economic incentive chain for the bookkeeper. The minimum unit of GAS is 0.00000001.

Developer Team?

Founder of the blockchain of Neo and CEO: Da Hong

Co-founder and core developer: Zhang Zhengwen

General secretary: Tao Rongqi

Also, there are many more community developers, operators, and contributors.

Neo Coin Review

Wallets for Neo coins?

Neo doesn’t have many wallet options. Buying any coin you need to have a wallet to store it safely. Since Neo prices are increasing day by day, so many investors are storing their coins. The best way to keep your coins safe and secure you need to store it offline.

Neo Coin Review

  • On Desktop wallet – NEO wallet, NEO GUI, NEO CLI
  • web wallet – NEO tracker, NEO wallet (.cn), NEO wallet (.net)
  • On paper wallet – Any


  • Strong development by the smart contract format.
  • Success in developing digital assets earlier known as Antsshares.
  • Having corporate collaboration as well as governmental collaboration.
  • They are established in China.
  • China is the largest cryptocurrency market.
  • They have a large amount of support for cryptos.


  • Facing difficulty to be a root chain.
  • There can be several root chain
  • They are going for the 20 root chains in the future.
  • Most companies will decide to use one from it or adopt it.
  • It means if no company decided to build in it, so they will face a big problem and NEO coin can be thrown to a side.
  • The government is very strict in China.
  • Anything that takes away power from the government is going to have problems.
  • Without partnership, they cannot do much going further

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Investors and the traders are loving this new platform. Much more are interested in this platform. The price is going up rapidly. It is giving a tough completion to the other cryptocurrency. Further, all depends on how they make their partnership. It is going to be the most important part of this new currency.        

i hope you like my Neo Coin Review post.

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