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This Public Notice is published for and on behalf of MONEYTRADCOIN.UK. LTD. Many Indian Citizens have purchased crypto coins of MONEYTRADECOIN.UK known /described as MTC in ICO phase. After completion of ICO phase, our company opened bank account in IDFC bank and KOTAK MAHENDRA BANK LTD by disclosing full nature of our business to facilitate Indian citizens to purchase our cryptocurrency. Many people had opened their accounts in our portal by name MTCX INDIA and purchased / sold / traded MTCX and earned huge profits. But in the month of January IDFC bank issued a letter and stopped our account operation. Thereafter RBI issued guidelines to all financial institutes not to allow purchase of cryptocurrency by paying INR, because of these sudden developments, our business was hampered and therefore we filed petition in Delhi high court and now the matter is pending before Hon’ble Supreme court of India.

Because of this sudden development people who had purchased our cryptocurrency could not liquidate / encash their investment, hence they approached to various police stations for filing complaint against our company. Few complaints are already being registered and are under investigation.

Our company’s intention is sincere & honest we bonafide want our coin holders to encash their coin holding the way it is being done in cryptocurrency market. Therefore in the first stage we have decided to call for the information from coin holders. In the second stage after verifying the coin holders’ information the coin holders will be given equal number of cryptocurrency coins of other renowned cryptocurrencies which is already being traded on international cryptocurrency platform.

Therefore the coin holders of MTCX are requested to access MONEYTRADECOIN.COM website from 25th November 2018 and provide the necessary information sought by company within 8 weeks on or before 25th January -2019 to complete the procedure and honour our MTCX coin holders interest* Neither Company nor its any directors and staff will not be held liable if the sought details are not provided by coin holders in stipulated time.

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