Top 7 Newly Launched Gadgets: Everything You Should Know !!

Every year we see a lot of new technology as well as latest gadgets coming in the market and taking all the spotlight, but as the year ends there are few top picks which stand out successful in bringing and making human life easy and fun. So as every year starts the tech lovers wait eagerly for new gadgets to be launched and tried.

These top picks actually based on the buyers trend and the market behavior. In the whole year big companies market analyst visit the market and check the people buying behavior and the extra features they are looking for. Finally, what happened, time to time we see the new innovations in technology.

So there are always some top picks that tend to make our life easy as well as astonish us with their functions. Thus below listed are the top 7 newly launched gadgets which are gaining all the attention.

1.The new L’Oreal UV Sensor: You might not believe but this gadget is as small as a fingernail. It looks like a small button but don’t misinterpret it with its look or size because it works as a great sensor specially designed to detect the ultraviolet rays. It has an inbuilt temperature sensor, UV sensor, NFC antenna and the best part is it doesn’t require any battery to run on. The “L’Oreal UV” can store data up to three months. This small size4 button is connected with an app specially designed for it in your phone which consistently updates you with the exposure level you went through all day as well as provides you with various tips to prevent it. This tiny device was made in collaboration with Yves Behar who is a designer and entrepreneur. That is why it looks more like a nail art rather than a technological device.

2.The NextGen Bluetooth Halberd: This is an all-new NextGen Bluetooth which also works as a lock for your laptop or PC. Its special sensor aut6omattically locks your PC or5 laptop as you move away from it. This special gadget was designed for people who usually forget to lock their laptops and PC and are also least concerned about it. Halberd was designed by Gatekeeper. Thus it is considered one of the best latest gadgets if you often forget to lock your screen in workplace or outside because privacy is all that matter the most in the end. This gadget might not be available in every online store but you can surely go with souq offers to avail some great discounts on latest gadgets to upgrade yourself .

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3.The all new NextGen LG 8k TV: You might be having the latest TV at your home but LG has launched the all new 8k quality TV that makes your TV experience and viewing reach to a whole new level. It is of 88inch with the highest resolution OLED panel. It is one of the costliest TV in the world but yes the company assures that it will make your TV experience one of the best with detailed picture quality, sound and colour.

4.The PROOF band: This special wristband does more than you can think of. Not only it just monitors your health but also provides you with the statistical measure of alcohol intake by tracking your “BAC” level. The entire statistic data is shown in the app linked with the PROOF band. This wristband is specially designed for people who are addicted to alcohol and want to change their life with a control over their addiction. It helps you tell how much alcohol is good for you to consume to balance a level. This watch has special sensory which helps you to measure the alcohol level through your skin. If you are overdose with alcohol level it will inform you with vibrating signals and a LED flashlight.

5.Reality glasses the Vizix blade: The all-new reality glasses called vizix blade are specially designed to work on human voice. With special features of giving the weather report, showing directions and many other extraordinary functions. Their special design helps to give a clear and crisp view in all weather. This is compatible with people of all age group.

6.Smartsleep by Philips: With our day to day life schedule, it has become very hard to get quality sleep making people more sick and depressed. In view to making people get a healthy and happy sleep, Philip’s designed a headband which helps you to get a healthy and good sleep making you feel fresh and relaxed after a nap. The headband is designed in such a way that it emits slow wave sleep which we get during our deep sleep. These waves help to make you feel more relaxed and sleep fast. Good sleep helps you to be alert in your day to day task and focus more on work. The headband has sensory detectors which analyze when you get into a deep sleep after which the waves help to maintain the rhythm of your brain making your sleep a quality one. Thus with our day to day tension and stress, it is surely one of the top gadgets of the year to try.

7.Aflac the Duck: his might seem like any other toy duck but it not at all that common. Yes, it is for children’s but this special duck is designed to comfort children who are suffering or diagnosed with cancer. This special “aflack” duck was developed and designed by research sproutel. This duck is designed to coordinate with the children and their emotions. It is officially announced that it will be freely available for cancer diagnosed children. Thus it is considered one of the best-developed gadgets for bringing a positive change to humankind.

Thus with every new day there are many new and latest gadgets coming in the market to help to make the life of people easy and convenient. The race of evolution of new gadgets is always on just to bring the best use of technology and helping people lead their lives in a more advanced way using the latest technology. We might sometimes think that technology is making life easy the reality is that it is making the impossible thing possible to do, no matter what it may be.



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