Oyster ICO Review: combination of storage and privacy

This is Oyster ICO Review.

In today’s modern world internet is the basic need of the individuals. According to the united nation in 2002, there were only 738 million internet users. In today’s world, there are more than 3.2 billion users of the internet.

Every person searches something on the internet every second. When we search something on the internet or go to a site we see Ads on the site. Some people like this advertisement but most of the people are feeling irritated by this. Advertisement broke the privacy, distract from the content, and break design continuity in websites.

Due to a general disregard and unlikely nature of the advertisement, ad blockers have become mainstream. This idea is becoming so famous and all the people sharing it. They have become so mainstream that content publisher are pushing it and limiting viewers from the content if the ads are detected.

Due to this lots of publishers are losing their large amount of money. Also, a lot of viewers are not seeing the contents on the site. In parallel to this, there is currently no storage that is both convenient and private. If you go for storage due the cloud storage and closed source software you can never truly take what they say for granted. If you choose the privacy option, then you will find a simple accessible and straightforward web interface with the upload button.

So now the question is what is the solution of this?How can we get privacy and storage both?

So the solution is Oyster ICO. so let start Oyster ICO Review.

What is Oyster ICO?

Oyster is the radical new solution that grants a parallel revenue stream to the website by adding just one code. In regards to this website, visitors contribute a portion of their GPU and CPU power to enable users files to be stored in a decentralized collection.

In return to that such users indirectly pay the website owner for maintaining the storage of their data. The oyster is truly based on two birds one stone phenomenon. It means that you can achieve two aims at once.

How does Oyster ICO work?

Files uploaded via Oyster network stored on the IOTA tangle. This means that an excess of unuseful duplicates is stored throughout the network topology of the tangle. It makes the threat less of the data loss. Users spend Ethereum- based pearl tokens to store their data on a decentralized platform. which operated by IOTA tangles.

The IOTA tangles are used for data retention. Also for the proof of work negotiation between nodes. The smart contract technology is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is used to produce Oyster pearls. Which is basically are the tokens. These unique tokens activate the Oyster operations.

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The pearls are fixed firmly in the encrypted data map of the user’s uploaded file. The devices of website visitors search for the pearls across the IOTA tangles. As they search for the pearls, they accidentally commit the data to the tangle so that it is retained longer. So that Oyster induces a blockchain treasure-hunt to bridge the economies of content publisher, consumers, storage providers, and storage consumers. By adding all the separate parties, Oyster unlocks the hidden revenue potential of the web.

Additional features of Oyster ICO

  • Treasure hunting algorithm– Oyster includes a treasure hunt algorithm to unite the separate parties of content publishers and consumers, and storage providers and consumers. To unlock the hidden part. As explained above.
  • Zero-knowledge, Anonymous storage- No personal information, usernames, nor passwords are ever used. Each uploaded file works as a unique handle, which acts like a private seed key.
  • Open source, Extendable, &Auditable- it is a driven model without any single point of failure. Anyone is able to develop clients or extensions without permission from a central organization.
  • Intrinsic storage-pegged value- Oyster pearls are the bridge between the think of the user to spend money on reliably storing data and the point of a website owner to clearly monitor their web content.
  • Accessible decentralization- oysters pearls lay the foundation for the next decentralized web.

oyster ICO Review: combination of storage and privacy

Overview of the Oyster protocol/Oyster ICO Review

Responsibilities as a user

  • Pay the correct amount of oyster pearls to two broker nodes.
  • Despite automation, choosing which two broker nodes to be used.
  • Encrypt and split the file locally in the browser before sending to the chosen node.
  • Verify the integrity of the data map.
  • Share broker nodes contract.


  • The file is secure, reliable, and anonymously stored.

Responsibilities of the website owner

  • Provide content, goods, services to web nodes.
  • To add the Oyster protocol script to their website.


  • Get paid in Oyster pearls that have been discovered by web nodes


The Oyster ICO protocol is designed to solve the privacy and storage problems.the files are secured apparently on a decentralized node. The Oyster protocol unlock the dormant potential of millions of websites.

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