Parkres ICO Review: PARKRES platform and Launch of PARKING future


Yes! When I say this word what is the first thing which comes in your mind?

I think problem with parking spots and less number of parking spots which frustrates you, correct?

As in the todays modern life everything is fast and need to be done fast. Everyone wants to reach their destination as soon as possible. So that they can save some amount of time for their personal or professional life.

This is the main reason why more people are using private vehicles such as car, bike rather than social transport e.g. bus, taxi, etc. As I mentioned they do this for many reasons and mainly to save time. But that’s not only the truth. Less number of parking for cars or you can say increase in the number of vehicles are also increasing the crisis of parking area or spots.

So what I mean to say that nowadays parking area are also equally important with cars. So that wherever you go you need not to worry about parking apart from gas station. To save some amount of time people search for parking areas for their cars minutes and hours to park them. As a result of this many people park in the no parking zone which is against the law.

So now what should we do? What is the solution of this problem?


Yes! This is the solution of our problem.

What is Parkres?

Parkres is all-in-one parking solution for everyone. It is making a road between cryptocurrency, blockchain, and parking system. On this platform you can find and reserve parking spot anywhere anytime. You can pay for parking from their mobile wallets in fiat (AUD, USD, etc.) or cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, etc.). You can also use their Parkres Tokens (PRS) with discounted rates for the transaction purpose.

You can download the official app for IOS as well as for Android. You can do number of things within the app itself. You will get traffic updates for their parking spot. Users who have their own parking spots they can also manage parking bookings, register their parking space on the parkres ecosystem to make money.

White Paper

How does it works?

The parkres ecosystem consist of art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across the city and parking lots. It uses an IoT (Internet of things) based sensory network to track and monitor the parking spots across parking locations. It suggest or allow you to reserve parking spots closest to your destination.

Payments can be made in cryptocurrency or by phone, online, auto payments, and monthly subscription. You can also pay in cash or by credit cards if you wish to do so.

On the parkres platform user can rent their parking spots, or garage anything to park vehicles and in return of that they can make money from renting. The platform will also charge some amount as fees of the platform for revenue of parkres platform. Click here if you are facing issues relevant to your garage door or garages. DIY-Garage-Door-Parts help people to fix their garage door problems. Maintenance of garage also have utmost importance now days.

How can you use Parkres tokens?

They can be used in two ways.

  • Utility tokens
  • Value tokens

Utility tokens will help you to get discount on parking rates. You can use these tokens for payments against parking or reservation. Once the utility token are used they will be burned in the system. This will reduce the amount of token and at the end it will increase the rate of token as increase in the demand.

Value tokens work like bonus. Users need to hold the PRS tokens to their PRS wallets. By holding these tokens you will gain loyalty bonus points. These points will be released by the company time to time.

Features of the Parkres platform?

  • Anonymous and pseudonymous use of parkres service is not possible. As user need to verify their identification, proof of residence, and other documentation.
  • Creating a reliable technology platform which has sufficient protection from external threats.
  • The mobile wallet is inbuilt in PRS application.
  • Installed parking consoles and SOS services.
  • Platform can be helpful for Car rental agencies, real state, car companies, airports, and hospitals.
Token PRS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Issued tokens 200,000,000 PRS
Tokens available for sale 85,000,000 PRS
Private sale (1st May to 30th May) 10,000,000 PRS
Pre ITO sale (15th August to 15th September) 20,000,000 PRS
Public sale (1st November to 30th November) 55,000,000 PRS
Price in ICO 1 PRS = 0.5 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 47.5%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 48,000,000 USD
Private sale 70%
Pre-ITO 15%
Referral bonus 10%


Token Distribution

Token Allocation


Parkres project is aiming to revolutionize the process of present parking system. They are introducing cryptocurrency assets into the day to day life. The project seems to be attractive. The best part of the project is that it’s based on present crisis which people are facing now and not like other project which is based on some future problems or plans of after 30 to 50 years.

They are using proper hardware and software to secure the parkres ecosystem. They also using smart contracts and somewhere connecting it to blockchain technology.

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