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Provoco ICO


Team Composition

6.0/10 Thread


Community and Media


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  • User friendly challenge and multimedia application for mobile and web.
  • P2P instant token transfer.
  • In-App cryptocurrency wallet for token management.
  • Customer support and identification services.
  • Rewards for your time which you spend on the platform.


  • The idea of the project is unique but for the working of the project the developers need more deep research and plan.
  • One side it is good for people who are spending time on social media but in the whitepaper developers not mentioned anywhere that how they will control users if they upload some dangerous and risky content or challenge which can challenge individual’s life.
  • The project has only the knowledge of thought and not the practical knowledge.

If I will ask that how many of you are using social networks such as – Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms?

I am sure that 9 out of 10 people will say that they are on social network. If I ask you that do you know any of your friends who does not use any type of social media platform at all?

May be you don’t know any of your friend of this kind. I give you a best reason why?

YouTube gets around over 1 billion visitors daily. This platform has more than 800 million unique users a month. It is the second most visited website on the internet at present. Whereas Facebook holds 1 Billion users that login at least once a day. It stands on 1st on the internet as the most visited site. Most of us spend hours and hours on these type of social network but never get rewarded by any means from these social network.

Wait! But now it is possible. Yes, Provoco ICO is a project which will reinvent the definition of social networks.

What is Provoco?

Blockchain, smart contracts and utility token monetization have enabled the rise of a new generation social network.

The Provoco social challenge network is an example of how blockchain technology offers trust, openness and security that may be beneficial for mass users, where everyone will find their own space. Monetization and gamification will give incentives to raise, accept and accomplish a wide range of private and public challenges, creating thousands of engaging activities and content.

This makes Provoco a social network with more engaging content, targeting everyone from teenagers to adults to seniors worldwide.

White List

How Provoco works?

Content get created everyday by various reasons. It can be sudden where you hit the record button almost on time or it can planned, prepared. Contents are the results of emotions, reflection, to something you experienced. Reasons for the challenges are endless.

Challenges are healthy competition and so Provoco thinks. Challenge is the main content of Provoco.

Provoco is the world’s first Social Challenge Network powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. On the Provoco social network, every member can create and take challenges. High quality, entertaining and interesting challenge related video content will be accessible for every portal visitor.

Here we will integrate traditional social network features and the advantages of video platforms. The ability to search and review attractive content as well as opportunities for earning revenue will encourage members to become active within the Provoco ecosystem.

Problems Associated with modern social network platforms?

Various users are spending their precious times on the social network to increase the social status. They are continuously active on this type of social networks to get like, appreciation and many more thing which will help them to increase the social status.

All this activity has financial value which most of the user do not even know that exists. All the value that are generated by the user activity goes to the company or corporation who holds that particular social network.

At present more than 3 billion users are using social network which is the almost half of our world’s population. Personal data generated by the social platforms are used by marketing companies, analytics, credit-rating companies, publishers, and by many more organizations for the profitable advertisement exchanges.

In addition to that the understanding of blockchain technology for a normal user is very limited or you can say they are only interested in the rise and crash of the cryptocurrency value. This is because the lack of knowledge and mistrust in the blockchain technology.

Solutions provided by Provoco?

PROVOCO is a new challenge oriented multimedia social network project, with cryptocurrency based financial rewards ecosystem. It comes with instant P2P value transfer option, Smart Contract features. It is not just a place to interact or communicate. It is an organic viral content generator, where people can create and take the challenges, with an actual value attached to the content, e.g. Ice Bucket challenge.

User will be reward for every challenge or activity which he does on the Provoco platform.

Create the challenge and see the results after it is accomplished. You will get VOCO tokens from provoco for the content you provided on the platform. You can also accept the challenge if you like that or want to do so. If you complete the challenge you will get rewarded instantly. Now what happens if you failed to complete to challenge. Don’t worry you will get earning from daily pool for likes, shares and views of your attempted video.

It has many use cases – personal as well as for business.

Business Model of Provoco?

PROVOCO business model will offer financial utility for all network participants and creates a strong incentive for early adopters to participate even before a critical mass of users is garnered.

In the old model, networks provide value only to top level participants and only upon reaching a critical mass of users. This is important in today’s landscape where a few monopolistic media networks exercise powerful influence that serves as a barrier to healthy competition.

PROVOCO will achieve sustainability through a continuous revenue model, generated by the in-Appactivity. Each transaction conducted on the platform will be charged as a small maintenance fee for routine platform support expenses and for the future app development.


ICO Details

ICO time 1st April 2018 to 1st October 2018
Token VOCO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC223
PreICO price 1 ETH = 1440 VOCO
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 1330 VOCO
Token for sale 51,000,000
Total supply 100,000,000
Min. investment 0.1 ETH
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 51%
Soft cap 2800 ETH
Hard cap 40000 ETH


The platform is interesting and full of entertainment. It can be very handy if the developer managed to control the upload content. Challenges related to health, study, entertainment will help the society. It should not be used in a wrong way with risky challenges to earn some amount of rewards.

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I hope you like this post. If you found this helpful please share this with your friends, family and social media and let them know they can earn money for the team which they are giving in fact wasting on the present social media platform.


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