RedCab ICO Review(REDC) : Token Info,Rating, Legit ?

Modern technology innovation has lead us way further in the future. Technology has filled the gaps between the transportation needs and solved many problems in past some years. Now you may be thinking that why I am relating technology and transportation?

It is simple because from last several years we have invested large amount of funds, man power to develop the transportation methods by technology. Yes! We have achieved some extraordinary results but the goal is yet not full reached.

To increase the transportation services many companies launched their services. But we are still facing some common problems in these services. I think you have also noticed these things. Most of the services runs on “price on demand” concept. It means that when demand for a particular companies cab is high the price will also become high and when the demand goes down price also goes down.

Let’s take an ordinary example that you hate to wait for cabs or transport in the rainy season. Most of us book cabs for ourselves because we don’t want to face rain. So at that time the price becomes high as more and more people are booking the cab from the particular service providing company.

I think it is not fare. As a result of this nowadays most of the people are searching for transportation option which is safe with comparatively low fees when the demand is high.

As we know that many of our problems are solving these days by new startup companies or you can say ICO’s. So one company is also working on this problem.


What is RedCab and how it works?

Redcab is the decentralized transport solution for individuals. It uses blockchain technology for cost efficient and secure transactions. The company was found in the mid of 2016. The main aim of the company is to reinvent the peer-to-peer transportation solution.

According to the developers they have spent over one year to understand the root causes of riders and drivers actual needs. By understanding this they are confident to provide more innovative solution of transportation in terms of better customer experience, transparency, and efficiency.

By this project some amount of money can be saved which is wasted on transportation commission. Instead of this money can be used as rewarding back to ecosystem. It will help to maintain sustainability and business continuity through cutting edge technology, performance management and customer loyalty.

Redcab will solve the modern transportation problem of “high demand, high price” with the variation in fare calculation from one country to other even one city to other. This formula makes the tool flexible. It helps to create best price without high fare in bad weather or in holidays.

You can download the official app for IOS and Android both.

White paper

Which type of services Redcab provides?


  • Car Hailing
  • Car Pooling
  • Hotel and Airport transportation
  • Delivery services
  • Pick up services


Scheme Benefits of the Redcab?


  • Less waiting time.
  • Free trips with higher usage.
  • Lower price fare and high savings.
  • Various options to match your trip style.
  • Earnings through referral programs.
  • Earning tokens through proof-of-marketing.


  • More earning and profits.
  • More rides per hour with flexible shifts.
  • Several options for transportation services.
  • Earning tokens through proof-of-driving.

How many types of cabs are available in Redcab?

Economy cab – These are affordable cars. These are economy trips with economy cars for everyday use in the city.

Luxury cab – Here you will get luxury cars if you prefer more style over extra cost.

Family cab – These are bigger cars for family trips.

Red Cab – These are super deluxe cars segement. You have to pay more even a lot to book these types of red super cars.

Other features of RedCab?

  • Transparent commission scheme.
  • Personalized and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Geo-Ads.
  • Deep learning and AI to perform promotional and effective Ads.
  • RedCab is introducing first personal road trip assistant “Cabbi”. It works on neutral network technology which will help you in your daily road trips, visits, meetings and many more.
  • Blockchain technology with smart contracts powered by personal token wallet.
  • dApps (decentralized app)


RedCab ICO Details

Token REDC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Pre ICO price 1 ETH = 2,682 REDC
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 2,333 REDC
Token for sale 62,000,000
Min Investment 0.1 ETH
Accepting ETH
Hard cap 24,529
Distributed in ICO 62%
in private sale 67%
in pre-sale 15%


This is the same service which we have been seeing nowadays like Ola, Uber and all. Yes, RedCab has unique features and many more upgraded software. If these manage to attract people in the ICO then definitely it will soon compete against other big cab providing companies and service providers.

With its AI module, more features, technically more advance and powered with blockchain and smart contracts this project is way better than present cab services.

Visit ICO Website

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