How To Sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH) : Step by Step Method

This post is based on How To Sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

This year 2017 setting a new high level in the digital world of cryptocurrency. The most popular cryptocurrency in the world that is Bitcoin has split into two parts. BTC to BCH. BCH full form is Bitcoin cash.

What is Bitcoin cash?

After the splitting of Bitcoin into Bitcoin cash, many trade platforms started the support of Bitcoin cash exchange. As Bitcoin cash (BCH) is a part of Bitcoin so many Bitcoins traders are still working on the support of exchange Bitcoin for cash that is BCH.

In the beginning of August 2017 when Bitcoin cash was estimated out from the Bitcoin the Initial price was around 400$. Now it has taken a hike up to 1400 or 1600$.

How To Sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH) : Step by Step MethodEveryone has encountered the price growth of Bitcoin cash. Also, it is not the unexpected one. In the beginning itself, many traders had invested in Bitcoin cash. Now as per the margin many traders are selling Bitcoin cash so that they can buy either Bitcoin or Altcoin by the margin profit of Bitcoin cash.

Some of our friends are constantly asking some questions about how to do you exchange Bitcoin cash or How To Sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ? where can I sell my Bitcoin cash? Best places to trade Bitcoin cash? All of this. So today here at Coinraja we will try to resolve all your confusion.

In this post we will see methods of exchange for Bitcoin cash, selling Bitcoin cash, the best place to trade Bitcoin cash.

So talking about the place to trade Bitcoin cash or selling Bitcoin cash lets see some of the best platform available on the market. Here is the list…

So now heading further we will see the methods of selling Bitcoin cash and exchange Bitcoin cash for cash and some best place to trade Bitcoin cash.

Full list of Exchanges to Sell Bitcoin Cash:


Changelly is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform on our list of exchange Bitcoin cash and selling Bitcoin cash.

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In changelly, the way of selling Bitcoin cash is a little bit different. Changelly does not allow the selling of Bitcoin cash directly. Changelly allows you to exchange Bitcoin cash for cash by exchanging your Bitcoin cash for more than 30 altcoins and also for Bitcoin. Also, transaction order history is a tremendous plus point of changelly makes it the best place to trade Bitcoin cash.

For more information on changelly, you can visit our detailed post on Changelly Review: best way to exchange any cryptocurrency.

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Shapeshift also shows the same properties like changelly in terms of selling Bitcoin cash. The reason why I prefer changelly and it is in the top of our list is just because of the cutthroat rate of exchange.

Here also in terms of selling Bitcoin cash, you cannot operate it directly. To exchange Bitcoin cash you first have to exchange it in any supported cryptocurrency by Shapeshift including Bitcoin and then you can trade for it.

Shapeshift supports more than 60 to 70 cryptocurrency. Currently, around 48 to 50 are online that means available and others are temporarily unavailable.


HitBTC is another globalized multicryptocurrency trading platform. Initially, HitBTC users have held BTC/BCH pairs in a 1:1 aspects.

They also work in partnership with on a feature called OTC ( over the counter). By this additional feature, trade can be made directly between two participants without the need of exchange mediating trade. It has the lowest fees of 0.1% makes it the best place to trade Bitcoin cash.

In terms of selling your Bitcoin cash in Fiat currency on HitBTC platform, it will redirect you to a complete verification process. For trading supported cryptocurrency verification is not required.

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BTCBOX is Tokyo established company. After the separation of Bitcoin cash from Bitcoin, it started supporting Bitcoin cash.

The only plus point of this exchange platform is that if users want to trade, withdraw in Japanese currency than they can use this site.

But somewhere searching for the security level of this site I found something that I want to share with you. It has been informed that it is not totally a legal company as it is a combination of two illegal schemes that is Ponzi and pyramid scheme.Https://, For more information you can check this link and read the article.

So searching more on this I found many negative things about this site so I am not very much sure about this because at Coinraja our user’s security is the most important thing for us.


Bitfinex is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency trading platform. It is also a worldwide biggest exchange platform in terms of trading and selling Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Like the other trading platform for BTC Bitfinex also provided the BCH funds to its users but it was not in the 1:1 ratio.

Bitfinex represents the US Dollar based trading for Bitcoin and 7 other altcoins. Currently, Bitfinex is the leading exchange platform in terms of USD denominating trading. Explaining more to it I will say it is not like Changelly or Shapeshift where you have to trade in Altcoins for selling Bitcoin cash. Here you can sell your Bitcoin cash directly into USD denominating trade system.

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They also had an additional feature known as SDC (socialized distribution coefficient. Using this feature the rate of coefficient distribution after separation of Bitcoin cash from Bitcoin the ratio of the settled fund was 1:0.8539. Means for every 1 BTC the fund that user received was 0.8539 BCH.

For trading Bitcoins cash in pairs the below-mentioned pairs are available on this platform:



Bittrex is a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform for selling Bitcoin cash. They have also maintained the ration of 1:1 for funding to its user after the Bitcoin cash came into the existence. Bittrex is a US-based company.

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For more detailed information about Bittrex please read our Bittrex review post and get the full information o it.

In terms of pairing for Bitcoins cash that is available on this platform are:



Karken is most loved site in global exchange. this is first to establish a marketplace for giving service to cryptocurrency exchange. You can exchange you bitcoin cash with USD and EURO.

You have following conversion available in karken:


You can also Exchange or Sell Bitcoin Cash with other altcoins like litecoins and ripple.


So, this is some best place to Sell Bitcoin Cash. It will be easy selling Bitcoin cash on these platforms.  if you ask me then I preferably choose changelly and karken just because they are fast and simple in use. In changelly, you do not have to verify userself your selling bitcoin cash. Shapeshift is also a good option.

If you want a direct exchange in between bitcoin cash to flat coin then you can use Bittrex for this.

That all from my side. If you have any problem to Sell Bitcoin Cash then let me know in comment section.

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