How to sell Bitcoin Gold (BTG): Best Price BTG Exchange 2018

This post is based on Bitcoin gold exchange, that is where to sell Bitcoin Gold and the best reliable Bitcoin selling platform.

Another milestone, the split of the most famous and loved cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin and its isolated part that is Bitcoin Gold. Traders are eager to invest in Bitcoin Gold.

Where to sell Bitcoin Gold ? Where to buy Bitcoin gold? How to claim your Bitcoin gold? The first exchange selling? How to claim Bitcoin Gold? These are the same repeated question that I am receiving continuously from my crypto lover family. So in this post, we will see best selling Bitcoin Gold exchanges, where you can sell your Bitcoin gold.


before starting our main topic of selling Bitcoin gold and Bitcoin Gold exchange lets see some important things and features of Bitcoin Gold.

What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG) ?

Before the fork of Bitcoin gold has taken place many traders started selling their other altcoins and started collecting Bitcoin. So that when the fork will take place they will get free Bitcoin Gold in respect of their Bitcoins.

Doing that they will invest the free Bitcoin gold in terms of good future return. Because everyone knows one day or other BTG gold means Bitcoin Gold price will increase with its big backing name that is Bitcoin.

The fork has taken place on 24th November 2017 and people started trading, buying and selling Bitcoin Gold and at the time of fork people having Bitcoin received their Bitcoin Gold. As in starting with the fork, it was not a real Hard fork it was just a snapshot at the height of 491407. So in starting, users were getting tokens representing a relative amount of BTG gold which will be credited to the exchange users when the BTG blockchain is live.

So reading this I hope you will get some of the Idea about Bitcoin Gold and the status. Now moving on to our main topic that where you can sell you Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Gold exchanges let check out the some best place to trade Bitcoin Gold that is available on the market.

Top 8 Exchanges to Sell Bitcoin Gold:


Changelly is a crypto trading platform where you can exchange your cryptocurrency from one currency to another cryptocurrency. site was established by Miner gate in the year of 2013.

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The trade Fee of Changelly is only 0.5% only.the transaction process of changelly is very simple. They also support USD and EUR. Using changelly you don’t have to go through lengthy verification and registration process.


On changelly for exchanging cryptocurrency, you don’t need an account but an account is needed for the past references. Changelly supports the selling of Bitcoin Gold.

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HitBTC is a Globalized level trading platform for the cryptocurrency. You can use this platform for selling your Bitcoin Gold.

HitBTC is a multi cryptocurrency supported trading platform. HitBTC came into existence in the year of 2013. At the time of fork, HitBTC maintained the ratio of 1:1 for the BTG tokens for allocated Bitcoins. So that user can claim Bitcoin Gold for their Bitcoins.

How to sell Bitcoin Gold (BTG): Best Price BTG Exchange 2018

On HitBTC to trade in Bitcoin Gold, you can use the following pairs


You cannot directly deposit or withdraw BTG on HitBTC. For buying and selling Bitcoin Gold you have traded in these particular pairs.


Bluetrade is a multi-cryptocurrency supported exchange platform. Balustrade offers spot trading in terms of exchanging cryptocurrency including Bitcoin Gold. Although this platform does not support Fiat currency and cryptocurrency can be exchanged for each other but after the suspension of Bitcoin gold from Binance and Bittrex it became the best platform for selling Bitcoin Gold.

The trade fees of Bluetrade is 0.2% to 0.5% only. The official site is

Bluetrade is a Brazil-based exchange platform having relatively low trading volume. It is currently sitting just outside the top 100 exchanges in terms of 24-hour trading volume.


When we talking about best exchange platforms for selling Bitcoin Gold we just cant forget Binance. Moreover, Binance is one of the first cryptocurrency exchange platforms which started trading Bitcoin Gold just after the fork taken place.

But, you can trade your BTC only when you had BTC in your Binance account at the time of the snapshot.

Trading fees of Binance are only 0.1% only. Which is very low.

On Binanace deposit and withdrawal are based on cryptocurrency. Means selling Bitcoin Gold cant take place directly you have to trade in digital currencies and pairs.

Currently, for selling Bitcoin Gold, you can trade in following pairs:


For more detailed information on Binance and trading procedure of this platform you can read our post on Binance exchange review: step by step guide 2018 Edition.

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YoBit is another exchange platform supporting Bitcoin Gold exchange. Like Binance YoBit also started trading of Bitcoin Gold just after the Fork has taken place.

It has a user-friendly interface. The additional feature of this platform is Yobi codes. Yobi codes are deposit codes used for increasing the security level. Trading fees for this platform are 0.2% only.

How to sell Bitcoin Gold (BTG): Best Price BTG Exchange 2018

Like another Bitcoin Gold exchange platforms, selling Bitcoin Gold or direct deposit and withdrawal of BTG is not supported. Although YoBit supports some of the Fiat currencies you cannot use your credit card.

Also, you can trade with BTG tokens easily but only when users had BTC in YoBit account at the time of Fork like other trading platforms.

For selling Bitcoin Gold or trading with BTG users have to work in following pairs:



Bitfinex is a Hong-Kong based cryptocurrency exchange platform. site is a US dollar-based trading platform for Bitcoins and 7 other Altcoins.

Currently, Bitfinex is a leading USD denominating platform. In order to trade in Fiat currency, ID verification is needed. Like other trading platforms, Bitfinex also provided the BTG tokens to their BTC users.

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Trading fees start from 0.1% for the maker to 0.2% for the taker. Bitfinex has introduced a new feature known as Chain split tokens. Using this feature you can sell bitcoin gold after the completion of the snapshot.

Same as Binance deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin Gold cannot take place directly you have to trade in following pairs.


We will write Post on Bitfinex in future. so stay tuned with us.



official site of Bitflyer is

It is 24/7 multi-platform supported platform. You can use it by your Browser or you download the App for Android and IOS.

Trading fees of JPY/BTC start from 0.15% and for Altcoins it goes up to 0.20% only.

How to sell Bitcoin Gold (BTG): Best Price BTG Exchange 2018

As Bitflyer supports Bitcoin Gold so you can trade BTG on this platform. They have also maintained the ratio of 1:1 for BTG tokens at the aspect of Bitcoins.

It has a simple to use interface for providing high security to the user’s fund. The verification of the trading transaction is very fast. It does the entire process within a second including Bitcoin also. Direct deposit and withdrawal for BTG tokens cannot take place directly yet but it can be done after the stable Blockchain of Bitcoin Gold.


Official website is

Bitstar is a digital saving currency platform offers an alternative to Bitcoin. Here you can deposit coins into your Bitstar wallet. After 24 hours they will start earning interest which will be credited to your wallet.

The current version runs on Windows, Mac, and OS.

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It has credit BTG tokens in a 1:1 ration to its BTC users. Bitstar also showed a unique property that even if you don’t have the BTC at the time of fork or snapshot you will receive provision for the BTG tokens.

Same as the above platforms direct deposit and withdrawal cannot exist till now but expected in future. For now, you have to trade in below pair



So this is some way for selling bitcoin gold. All methods are simple and fast. changelly and binance are my favorite option. You can also go to Yobit. But I always prefer changelly over any exchange and site. HitBTC and bleutarde is also the best way of exchanging with a low fee of 0.5% around. But they are not as established as binance and changelly.

That’s all from my side. If you have any problem with this then let me know in comment section.

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