How Social Media Could Give Email Marketing Campaigns a New Dimension 2019

Emails are effective in converting leads into active customers and they keep on encouraging your existing customers to devote more time to your specific brand. This is the main reason behind writing this post of email marketing.

However, email is surely not the only effective way of getting popularity and achieving success in this digital era.

PPC ads, content marketing, and most importantly, social media play a pivotal role in assisting marketers to attain their goals and objectives. As per the Radicati’s report on email statistics in 2016, email would be utilized by almost 3 billion people by the year 2020.

In this context, you must acknowledge the fact that email’s ROI or the return on investment seems to be really impressive and massive. As per the Radicati Group study in 2018, there would be over 3.8 billion email users by the end of 2018. This is more than 100 million users as compared to the last year (

Every day people send 205 billion emails and this is estimated to go up to 246 billion by the time 2019 comes to an end.

Email marketing and social media seem to enjoy a truly mutually conducive relationship. Currently, social media marketing is very much in vogue and gets remarkable attention and importance from marketers.

However, frankly speaking, email is actually, an underrated strategy in the overall marketing lineup online. As per the estimate of the Direct Marketing Association email marketing seems to be yielding a phenomenal 4,300% ROI. That is definitely quite a big deal.

Your social media strategy would become doubly powerful if email marketing tactics are seamlessly integrated with it.

email marketing

This integration could lead to a great customer experience unmatched by any. Most top brands entertain a holistic view in terms of digital marketing and they firmly believe that social media and email would be working best provided they are used together in an integrated marketing strategy.

It is obvious that social media and email marketing are known for their individual pros and cons. However, as a marketer, you would stand to benefit the maximum if you cleverly use them together.

Let us explore some effective ways of integrating the two super-effective marketing techniques.

Sign-up Requests Directly on Social Media

Instagram sign up process

This may seem to be an obvious technique but it is quite effective and you must not ignore it. You must consider asking your followers on social media to sign up for business email newsletter in clear-cut, unequivocal, and direct language.

A CTR such as ‘enjoy exclusive deals simply by signing up for specifically our company’s email newsletter.’ This could help in grabbing several followers almost instantly.

You simply need to focus on highlighting the advantages of signing up. You would end up getting more signups provided the followers are enjoying tangible benefits. In this context, you could learn the 5 steps to become famous in Instagram for achieving your business goals and engagement.

Connect with Fascinating Blog Posts for email marketing

Blogs are an extremely powerful way of attracting more and more followers and convincing them for more email signups particularly if the email newsletter is featuring your great work. Social media is regarded as a robust distribution network for your content.

Therefore, you must use email marketing to its fullest. You could grab the attention of numerous new users with unique and compelling content so that they are lured to your website. You could get a boost in conversions straightaway.

Moreover, so long as the email signup is very much visible, there is a full chance of getting a number of new email subscribers. Needless to say, they seem to be having an interest both in your content and brand.

Keep Promising Exclusive Offers

email marketing

One of the most effective strategies of utilizing email marketing to the fullest is to offer consistently exclusive value solely for your subscribers like discounts, e-mail only content free giveaways etc.

You may use teaser campaigns to keep the interest alive. It is better not to give it away completely. It is better to create a mysterious air. You must encourage more and more followers to sign up.

Promote Your Landing Page

As per the quality and size of your list, you have the liberty to establish a landing page that is independent could consider promoting email signups.

This helps in giving you a chance for filtering out the uninterested leads by utilizing the language that is targeted to the core demographic. Once established, you may use social accounts for funneling visitors primarily to your specific landing page.

However, the key to success here is to clearly understand the incentives and availing special offers or straightforward promotions.

Drawings & Contests

Incentives are supposed to be valuable in terms of boosting engagement and attracting attention, but when you are having a couple of robust online mediums, all those incentives tend to become doubly powerful.

You must consider using social media platforms for promoting a drawing or a contest. It could be given to any random user, a reward for best user-submitted content or even something else that seems suitable to your brand.

The key to phenomenal success is to offer your target audience something really valuable and promote it effectively across the different social media platforms. You could consider asking for email addresses of the users as a prerequisite for taking part in the contest.

Incorporate Social Icons in Your Emails

If you still do not incorporate social icons into your emails, you are making a huge mistake and you must start adopting this strategy at the earliest possible.

You must allow more opportunities to the email subscribers for getting more and more actively involved with your precise brand.

You would definitely be successful in gaining more followers from the seamless integration of emails and social media. Moreover, there would be a boost in engagement.


Online marketing is all about resources. Your success depends not only on what resources you have but also on how you utilize them and bring them together to form your cohesive campaign strategy.

Social and email have revolutionized communication lines and are definitely the best launch pad for your content marketing and SEO strategies. Be sure to use them to the fullest so that your brand is viewed as communicative and is able to get the word out to your target audience.

So, that’s all for the social media email marketing tips. If you have any questions or suggestion then do let us know in the comment section.

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