Steps Involved in filling an Application for New or Replacement Social Security Card

Filling the SS-5 application is a must for obtaining a new or replacement social security card. The process of filing application is far from simple because it entails providing lots of documents and information. Some organizations act as professional filing agencies for assisting the applicants in filing the application online correctly with confidence and ease. Their assistance helps to save time and money while you can complete the task from the comfort of your home.

Whenever there is any major change in personal information like change in name or address or updating any other personal information, you must apply for a replacement card just as you must do when you lose your card or damage it.

By using the tips for getting a new social security card online as discussed in this article, your task can become easier. You will understand what kind of information to provide and in what manner so that you do not face any confusion when filling the form.

  • Mention your name in the way you want it to appear on the card, and it should include the first name and middle name as well as the last name. If you were mentioning a different name in the application and had a different name at birth or used a different name, you must mention that too in the application.
  • If you are applying for a replacement card, it means that you already have a social security number and you must mention it in the application. If you are applying for a social security card for the first time, then leave this cell/ space blank.
  • Mention the details of your birthplace – city, state, country and even provide your date of birth in the given format that captures the date, month and year.
  • Clearly mention your status of living in the US like whether you are a citizen of US, legal foreigner allowed to work, a legal foreigner not allowed to work or ‘other.’ If you belong to any of the last two categories then being a non- citizen you must file additional documents to support your claim that you need a social security card. Contacting the Social Security Administration department can help to get an answer to questions that arise about your eligibility of getting a social security card.
  • It is not mandatory to provide information about your ethnicity or race in serial nos. 6 and 7 of the form, but you can volunteer for it if you feel like. However, you must declare your gender.
  • Declaring the social security number of your birth parents is must, and in case it is not available for any one of them or both, you must check the appropriate box.
  • Declare if you had a social security card earlier and if you had it, you must answer the questions mentioned in serial nos. 12 and 13 of the application. Or else you can skip it.

Lastly provide your contact details like address at which you want the card delivered, a phone number where SSA can reach you and finally sign the form with the current date.



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