Suffering From Chronic Knee Pain? Plan Cost-Effective and Successful Knee-Replacement in India


Knee Replacement is one of the highest demanded orthopedic procedures. It is because of the modern lifestyle, low bone density, overweight and other such reasons that increase knee disorders.

Now, you will be surprised to know that India is one of the top countries delivering the most successful orthopedic procedure.

When it comes to knee replacement, the country secures the first position globally. In spite of delivering highly satisfactory and result-oriented procedures, the Knee Replacement Cost in India is the least. No other country can offer you the knee replacement surgery at a cost provided by India. In India, the starting cost for unilateral or single knee replacement is USD 4,000.

If you are recommended for bilateral knee replacement, then the beginning procedural expenses are USD 8,400.

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What is the maximum price for Knee Replacement in India? Is it Fixed for All the Patients:

For a single knee replacement, the maximum amount in India can be USD 6,000, and for bilateral knee replacement, it can go as high as 12,000. However, if you compare the price of treatment with other countries, you can save approximately five to six times, by undergoing the procedure in India.

The price of treatment in countries like the US and the UK go beyond 50,000 dollars for single knee and 1,00,000 dollars for both knees.

The cost of knee replacement is not fixed for all patients, and it varies considerably depending on several factors.

The reasons responsible for the change in the Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India are:

  • First and foremost, the medical condition of the patient. If a patient has additional health disorders, then the cost of treatment is undoubtedly high.
  • The next in the list is the cause and symptoms of the knee disorder.
  • The price of the surgery of the knee also depends on the age of the patient. It is because the recovery of the patient with age above 40 years requires more time. Also, overage patients may suffer certain curable post-surgical side-effects.
  • As specified, the cost of a single knee replacement is less, and it doubles up for both knees. So, the cost of treatment increases for the patient who requires the replacement of both knees.
  • The procedure followed for the treatment is also one of the reasons increasing the cost of knee replacement. For different types of disorders, the process of the surgery varies. Some may be possible to cure with resurfacing, while others require complete replacement.
  • Last but not least, the choice of the hospital and the surgeon also change the cost of treatment significantly.

Final Words:

Now, if your doctor recommends you for the knee replacement, plan your medical tourism to India at the earliest. Here, you can avail the cost-effective as well as successful treatment.

Moreover, you will not suffer any complications after surgery in India. You can retain back the mobility and flexibility in your knees.


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