The utility of apps and portals in preparation of exams

All the classes are equally important in a student’s life. We cannot any of the class.  The subject maths is very difficult and involve ssoliving some real life based problems. The vast syllabus and the difficult questions make this subject a big problem. A student can access cbse class 8 maths study material from various sources in order to prepare himself/herself well for the exams. One must have proper NCERT books and the following things as reference in order to prepare for the exams:

  1. CBSE sample papers
  2. Practice papers and mock tests
  3. NCERT solutions
  4. Worksheets and list of important formulas
  5. Marks distribution across different chapters
  6. Online tutorials teaching important concepts and detailed explanation of complex questions.

These can be accessed by making a user id on such apps and then we can find the access to the user friendly material and the videos which will help to make our concepts much more clear than before and they also help with some time saving techniques which can be used in the exam. Following are the points to be considered:

  1. Using the learning app:

The students can have access to the learning material and this is prepared by the experienced teachers that help the students to score good marks.

  1. Interactive videos:

One can even study from the tutorials and the videos made by the teachers. This will help to clarify the concepts in a better manner and will even give them tips on how to make presentation in the paper which will fetch good marks.

  1. Proper notes chapter wise:

Through the detailed notes one can get the access to all the chapters and this will even enable a quick revision of the whole syallabus. Moreover, one can find every formula which is essential for solving complex maths problems like trigonometry and logarithms etc. there is no need to prepare notes on own.

  1. Worksheets and tests:

One can check the knowledge base by solving various exams so that there can be proper time management and there will be no issue in solving the various kinds of questions.

  1. Old previous year papers:

Students can even get access to various kinds of previous year question paper so that they may come to know about the trends in the exams and the weight age of each chapter in the exam. One can even practice by setting the alarm for 3 hours. The detailed solutions are there which help them to understand things in a better manner.

One can even check own progress from the analysis part mentioned in the application. The app helps to grade the students on the basis of performance. There is also an area where students can discuss doubts and make each other clear about the concept. Even the teachers are available for 24 by 7 enquiry session. The students can also search for the desired keyword in the search bar “maths worksheets for class 8 cbse”. Even information can be accessed with easy and efficiency.

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