Top 10 Best Online Movie Streaming Sites

Movies are the best way to keep yourself entertained when you feel bored. When you can’t find any way to enjoy outside, streaming movies online is the only and best option available. With this, you can watch movie on demand at your own schedule anytime, anywhere. let’s see the some best online movie streaming sites here- 

Amazon prime:

Nowadays a lot of people use amazon prime for watching movies online and TV shows. There is a wide range of movies and shows to select and watch whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood.But you have to pay monthly charges for the subscription and free to watch only for a month or a week.


It’s hard to find a person who has not heard about youtube which is famous for the wide collection of videos, movies, shows, etc. Other than only watching movies you can also watch videos related to entertainment, tutorials, trailers from upcoming movies, etc.There are so many channels and sites to stream or watch free movies but almost all of us choose youtube as our primary site to watch free movies.

Popcorn Flix:

Popcornflix is another free movie streaming site with a huge range of movies of different categories like comedy, horror, documentary, etc. Here you can watch and stream not movies only but the TV series also.This streaming site has been used from a couple of years i.e. went live in 2011 and is doing well. This site is mobile friendly also.


Viewster is a video service company has its headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. Viewster has a huge pool of movies and TV shows also to stream online. It does not only offer classical movies but anime also. This is one of the best anime sites and is heaven for anime lovers. It also offers premium movies for free streaming while other sites offer charges for that.


A service by Sony company, on which you can trust easily. Crackle is also movie streaming site which is best for actually free movie viewing. You don’t need to register on this but if you want you can register for getting notifications about new movies that get uploaded on this site. Apart from movies, you can also watch a new TV series which are uploaded. The user interface of this site is quite easy to use but there are few ads also available on the site.


TubiTV is one of the other websites which is US based to stream free movies and shows. It offers the latest movies which are new in the industry and best. This is available on almost all platforms like Android, iOS, etc. This is doing a great job and will continue in upcoming years.

Snag Films:

Snagfilms is one of the great sites for movies online. The best thing about this site is that all things are organized in different categories like award-winning, festival, politics, classic movies, etc. They have also their app developed for different platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

Yes movies:

Yes-movies is one of the top rated sites for streaming movies. It looks similar to its siblings but does the work it is meant for. There are different sections from which you can easily select the movie of different categories. You can register on this site also to save the movie and watch that later.


Hotstar is an Indian digital platform launched by Star India Company in the year 2015. It can stream movies, TV, sports news live and has the video on demand facility. It is available on the web, android apps, iOS, etc.  It cost 200 INR for premium membership. It also shows live sports matches.


Vudu is also movie streaming platform where movies are available on a rental basis, can purchase and watch free also. You have to register on the site to use the service.

Conclusion: These streaming sites use cookies and trackers to monitor your online activities. The advantage of streaming movies online is that you save your time.

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