TOP 5 most important applications for Android smartphones

A modern smartphone is not only a device for comfortable communication. This is especially true when it comes to gadgets running the Android operating system. Today, the Chinese smartphone on Android is a full-fledged machine for work, entertainment and many different interesting tasks. However, the smartphone itself is not so interesting in general. It is fascinating for additional software like Vidmate that the gadget user selects directly. And today we’ll list ten of the most useful applets that will make your device much better.


Probably many will ask about why this particular “office”? Yes, there are a very large number of other options. However, this application is the best. Firstly, it should be noted that the interface is as convenient as possible. Unlike other editors, OfficeSuite not only practically does not freeze and is “thrown away”, but also allows you to work with text more quickly. In conclusion, we can say that it is using such an office on a tablet that the possibility of easier control is achieved using a manipulator and a connected keyboard.


In seventh place is Skype. Well, what would happen without this enchanting and ubiquitous program? No way! This application is very useful and easy to use. It allows you to not only exchange free SMS over the Internet, but also make free voice calls and video calls. Moreover, the device requires a front camera and support for the corresponding device model.

MX player

The bronze place is occupied by MX Player. This player differs from its competitors not only in that it supports almost all formats, but also in many others. Firstly, this is a simple scaling of video directly on the screen in real time, quick adjustment of brightness and volume, instant scrolling – and all this is the only swipe. In addition, the player works with a large number of streaming video, including IPTV, and also has excellent settings that allow you to view battery power and much more. A nice and elegant shell does not interfere with viewing at all.

Google play

So, the honorable 10th place goes to the Google Play application, of course. Yes, it is built into almost all devices. However, when it comes to Chinese smartphones, the manufacturer is not always happy with such software in its new product. What is the application for, because it often has non-free content? Yes, just because such software is an excellent search engine for any application. In addition, it also contains categories such as TOPs of games and programs, which is also very useful.


SnapTube is another Android application with which you can download videos from YouTube and other hosting services for free. This program supports almost all popular video portals, which makes it universal. At the same time, the application has a stylish and convenient user interface.

It is easy to deal with this application as it has a user friendly interface. Anyone can use it for downloading YouTube videos.

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