Top 5 Restaurants in Surrey to Visit this New year

If only we could have got more time this year? This year has passed away for you and all you kept thinking about was if only I could do it tomorrow. Well, wake up, it is just 2 weeks till the new year and you got no plans at all. Waiting in line, wishing they don’t order dessert is not even an option anymore. Family dinners, party with friends and colleagues, shopping gifts and planning surprises, it isn’t as hectic as it may sound to you. How? Be ready, and stay tuned as we got the top five restaurants in Surrey to visit this New year and kickstart the magical journey to 2020. So, let’s begin the list.

  1. The Horseshoe – In the village of Warlingham, you can find this pub called the Horseshoe, which serves the best pints, wine, and exquisite three-course meal. Not to forget, there is an incredible Sunday carvery served from 12:00 – 18:00, you should not miss that. If you ever visit this place, you will end up realizing what an absolute gem, light, airy and spacious this pub is. Celebrating this new year at this place would be explainable. For families, do not worry, they have a special menu for children as well.
  1. The Crown and Cushion – A beautiful alfresco dining space, that promise to serve freshly prepared British meal. They offer vegan options, with a classic collection of wine and a special Sunday menu. You can have a close family lunch here at the Crown and Cushion, Minley where it is quiet, calm and relaxing for everyone. Book a table today.
  1. Sherpa kitchen – Want a vegetarian or vegan option for yourself or someone else? This is a perfect place for you. Sherpa kitchen serves the best air, with a vegetarian Tibetan menu and amazing vegan options as well. The restaurant is well organized and filled with friendly staff. You can also look through the chef’s specials in case you are in a mood to try something new. Book a table today.
  1. The Star – This restaurant is a multi-award-winning pub offering great food, all day, every day. That counts as a reason to try this place, right? The garden and patio areas are classic for alfresco dining and the restaurant is family-friendly too with a kids’ menu as well. Celebrate the new year with your whole family here. They have vegan options as well. Book a table today.
  1. The Flintgate – This restaurant is known for its amazing beer, home-cooked food, and friendly staff. You will be surprised to know that 10 real ales, 5 real ciders & 18 kg beers feature brews from some of the most growing, independent breweries from the UK & beyond. Their kitchen team produces the best juicy burgers, smoked meat, and some other vegetarian options as well on the menu. Having this as an option to celebrate the new year with friends and colleagues will be the best idea for you. Book a table today.

So, now that you have the complete guide to what suits your party the best, go and book a table now.


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