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  • The platform is based on NEM (XEM) blockchain which means maximum efficiency, top speed, private, and secure blockchains.
  • Partners with more than 80 universities and many investors.
  • A full working platform since 2013.


  • Currently the platform has reach in limited countries. In order to make this project successful they will need to have more reach.
  • The project looks good on paper but weak in reality.

In some past years online education market is increasing with the days. They have the market of more than USD 200 billion but they are not efficient. In addition to that job market is producing over 1 billion job contracts every year but still more than 300 billion people remains unemployed. This are the imbalance in the current system of online education and jobs.

The upgrade in the education system since decades are very slow. Students invest more and more money to complete higher studies but this ends with unemployment. The imbalance between job supply and demand is accepted to be more than 80%. This indicates that educational institution are out of touch with employers’ need.

Tutellus aim to break this chain by using blockchain technology.

What is Tutellus?

Tutellus is the leading collaborative educational platform (EdTech) in the Spanish-speaking world. The platform is working without interruption since 2013. Currently the company has over 130,000 video courses, one million students in 160 countries, and agreements with over 80 Universities and Business Schools.

The main product of the organization is the video course. A user or school of any kind can create a video course on any topic and, after a quality check, publish it in Tutellus, with the users getting access to it by paying a price established by the teacher.

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White Paper

What are the current problems of education and employment system?

People cannot earn money while studying instead of this they have to pay more to complete their higher studies.

By facing so many problems in the financial sector of studies, sometimes students faces lack of motivation which results in stop studying.

Teachers are unable to earn money with respect to the amount of students they generate. In simple words they are not fairly paid for their work.

There is a huge gap between employment and studies. This is happening because of the educational institutes who shows a zero amount of interest in the employment sector for their students. This result in a huge imbalance due to unemployment with millions of jobs unfilled.

What solution Tutellus will provide?

Students can earn money when learning and without paying.

Students can gain motivation so that they will help others to learn.

With the success of students, teachers will gain more value out of teaching.

Companies can hire employees with a highly efficient matching process.

How Tutellus works to provide these solutions?

The main aim of Tutellus is to create a new educational platform that answers the challenges of the market. This is intend to that by training and identifying committed students, increase the involvement of best teachers, and to build a strong educational community.

Tutellus plans to partially fund education for some of its students who are studying for available jobs. The better the training student gets, the higher the value of the student for both the education community and companies (employers, job placement agencies, other service providers).

Higher the money students will receive to the educational platform and job market, the more money their teachers will receive.

The platform will help students become more closely connected to the companies by creating a moral circle motivating the entire community of teachers and students. Students will be identified as job candidates by companies by their value in any specific learned skill. 

Where Can I use the Tutellus (TUT) tokens?

  • Course purchases including from countries where it is difficult to use fiat: Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, etc.
  • Course discounts available only with a purchase in tokens
  • Donation services, only available in tokens
  • Teacher services, only available in tokens
  • Services to companies, only available in tokens 

Token Details

Token TUT
Platform NEM
Type ERC20
Total supply 1,500,000,000 TUT
Distribution in ICO 60%
Hard cap 40,000,000 USD
Scholarships program 50% of total raised
Accepted currencies ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH, USD (only in presale)
TUT price 1 TUT = 0.05 USD
Min investment 0.05 ETH

Token Distribution

ICO Details

Main sale – 12th June 2018

End date – 12th July 2018


12th June to 19th June 2018 – 10%

20th June to 2nd July – 5%

After that No discount.

Funds Allocation


As I have mentioned above the project is a nice idea but competition in the blockchain market is high. The team behind this project is very small and advisors are very less experienced. In addition to that as the project is global and so big they have mentioned only one blockchain but they definitely need more than that for this project.

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