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As you probably know us. Also, you know about cryptocurrency. If not then please refer our previous post. All the time we let you know about information like bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins. The way to trade in this type of cryptocurrencies of the modern world.

We also tell you about pros and cons, some terms and conditions. We tell you the option which is best for you. Also We always do the same but in every post the thing which you see that- is it secure?

So friends in today’s post we will cover an important topic which is related to the security verification process. Which every person thinks at least 5 minutes in between his/her daily life. The topic which we are going to see is VerifyUnion ico review .

What is the VerifyUnion?

When we talk about the security process of any crypto sites the first thing we see is there Blockchain. Nowadays people are loving the modern investment process of cryptocurrency. Also their Blockchain for digging into it. Many companies are searching for the new Blockchain. New blockchain with various capabilities, will give them solid potential with efficiency.

The blockchain is the new technology which is used for solving real problems in the digital world. The blockchain is also used for securing the digital identity of the users. Since the start of the internet, ID management is the real challenge.

VerifyUnion ico Review

Securing your personal or online info from the online fraud and theft is the real challenge in the modern day online market. Now as the blockchain formula has been kept in the market, there are more chances to solve this problem by using this new technology.

VerifyUnion ico Review:

Verifyunion will keep the online user way ahead from the online fraudster. It uses the latest Ethereum blockchain. It generates a highly integrated platform. Here the user can register to safely secure digital world. Here personal information of the user will be kept in the user’s personal storage only.

It will not send the personal data to any other person or company. Also, the user can decide to share that info without sending to any centralized authority. The personal info will be sent to the requested personal only. The user will have the full control on the info which is being transferred.

The main feature of Verifyunion Is- Trust, social engine, verification of digital identity and the user authentication.

Verifyunion serves the goal of elimination of digital identity fraud by using a new highly secure, and cost-effective system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

How Verifyunion Ico works?

As we know that it basically uses the Ethereum blockchain so it runs smart contracts. Verifyunion makes it easier for users to verify their identities over a decentralized platform. Decentralized platform means it does not have any control of an organization or government. As Ethereum blockchain was chosen run this platform. It runs exactly as it has been designed without any possibility of downtime, fraud or third-party interference.

As Ethereum Is decentralized in nature means it does not have any control of any organization or government. So the user can use this platform worry-free this system always reduces the chances of successful hacking, compared to the centralized network.

VerifyUnion ico Review

Its initiate the smart contract development on the Ethereum network where the user can create contracts on predefined conditions and all of their existing client’s platform.

Its create a unique token for Verifyunion called the UC Coin. It can be used for the second phase. Also, by token incentive programme by which users who verify their identities and Evaluators for the service will be paid.

Also, the app is completely decentralized which allows you more power. It will keep ID sharing to the user only to maintain control of the verification process.

Features of Verifyunion:

A key feature of Verifyunion is called “true value”. True value consists of combined values derived from verifying digital identification, social, and public profiles. Also, it is the combined value of financial detailed links to the user’s unique profile.

The user’s identity and information are verified by an Evaluator.

Verifyunion platform is consist of mainly three parts:

  • Users: users send their identity proof to verify union blockchain and in return, they get a hash key.
  • Evaluators: evaluators verify the data that will be sent to Verifyunion platform and get paid in UC coins in return.
  • Inquirers: request data to be verified, then provide access to the data that needs to be verified.
  • In addition, users get total control of their data which has been transferring.
  • Users can use UC tokens for the future verification process.
  • Evaluators use the system to update the price of validation.

VerifyUnion ico Review

Verifyunion Token Crowdsale detail:

Token name: UC coin

Token symbol: UCN

Ico Token base: Ethereum ERC20

Maximum cap: USD 30M

Maximum cap: ETH 100,000

Ethereum Total supply: 500 million

1 ETHER: 1540 UCN(approx)

1 UCN: 0.1948$

Crowdsale start: October 3, 2017

Crowdsale end: December 3, 2017


Verifyunion wants to create an uncontrolled organizational platform that will make a huge difference in modern day cybercrime. It will give the user the power to trade online in any market or cryptocurrency without the fear of being hacked.

It will create an end to end line between the user and the person to which the user wants to communicate. I personally like this idea.

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