Vivalid ICO Review (VIV) : Proof of validation Decentralized Platform

If you have a passion to collect unique, ancient and precious thing and usually you sell them then this post is definitely for you.

If you have found something unique and sold it to someone but later on realize that the price you got was too low.  Finding the true value of your antiques and collectibles is not an easy task. It takes long time and requires a deep research and patience. Then also you can be sure that the information which is provided by some source is correct or true.

There is one more thing that takes place in this selling process – “negotiation” which takes place between buyer and seller. As a seller you need to decide the exact price of your collectibles and as a buyer you should know that what will be the correct price for that collectible. In both the cases you should gain some of knowledge in this collectibles or materials field. That’s the region why seller and buyers are looking for guides and online coaching. Here also you can’t trust that the person who is giving you the advice is expert in this field.

So how you will know the correct information and pricing about your collectibles with trustworthy sources?


What is Vivalid?

Vivalid is a blockchain technology based platform. It is designed to serve as a mediator between sellers searching information about the potential value of items in hand from experts in their corresponding fields.

As it is a blockchain based platform the information collected on the platform will be retained and spread within it. As a result it creates a decentralized, rigid platform. Which results in trustworthy, community-driven ledger of collectibles that contains the history of their value and ownership changes.

This platform can be used by a professional user as well as by a casual user. You can find information about your little house hold things to some ancient valuable things.

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How it works?

Suppose you found an ancient glass on somewhere and you don’t know anything about this glass. As we are human so following our instinct firstly we will think that is that item is valuable or not? If it is then what is the value of that glass?

You don’t know any expert who will find out answers of your questions about that glass. You also don’t want to trust on some random guy or a pawn shop owner. So what will you do know?

Take out your phone, click some pictures of that glass or your valuable and send them to blockchain based Vivalid system for the initial analysis and validation of potential value for that collectible or glass.

As it is a blockchain based and community driven platform which also uses the “proof of validation (PoV) protocol”. This ensures the reliability of opinions. You have to pay a small fee in the form of Vivalid tokens. This fee will be distributed between platform, experts and collectors who are giving their knowledge and expertise on the other side of system.

You can also register yourself as a first tier validator as well if you have some kind of expertise which can be anything. You can do this by the same Vivalid app. There are total five tier of experts. In first tier any one can become validator. To be promoted in 2nd or 3rd tier you must be correct in finding the value of collectibles. First three tiers are community driven and anonymous but the 4th and 5th tiers are for the proven experts.

You can find value for your collectible or glass by verifying it from different tiers. The higher tiers you go the more accurate answers you will get.

Features of Vivalid?

  • Trust and rigidity
  • High quality data with the help of blockchain.
  • Reliability due to the blockchain multiple networks verification protocol.
  • Integrity by smart contracts.
  • Transparency.
  • Lower cost due to limited human interventions.
  • Security and ownership.

What is proof of Validation protocol (PoV)?

The Proof of Validation Protocol (POV) has been designed to serve two primary purposes.

First, it provides the means to distribute validation and valuation jobs within the decentralized blockchain-based network and ensures token flow between users of the system. Second, the intrinsic algorithm governs the neutrality and accuracy of validators’ responses, creating a foundation of trust upon which any system of similar kind must be built.

A combination of statistical data and an incentivizing model of different tiers of validation lies at the heart of the system. On one hand, the system automatically analyzes the expert’s valuations, looking for discrepancies, while on the other hand, it rewards validators with the highest success rates by providing the chance to upgrade an account to the higher tier.


Token distribution and Allocation

Token ViV
Accepting Ethereum
Platform ERC20
Max number of tokens 200 000 000 ViV
1 ETH 1800 ViV
Hard cap (Token for public sale) 140 000 000 ViV
Soft cap 20 000 000
Min investment 0.1 ETH

Pre-sale details

Starting on 21st May 2018 till 17th June 2018

Main sale details

Starting on 16th July 2018 to 14th of October 2018


1st week: 2070 ViV (15%)

2nd week: 1980 ViV (10%)

3rd week: 1890 ViV (5%)

4th week and further: 1800 ViV


This project is good for passionate art lover and collectors. It will provide some amount of gain for art experts which very low in these days. Also luckily if you find something which truly has some valuable amount then congrats! Its your lucky day. But even if you want to know some house hold stuffs price which you don’t use anymore and want to sell it then also you can use this platform.

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