Ways To Protect Your Hair Colour From Fading?

The most sensitive part of styling is when you color or tint your hair to make it look different as well as more stylish, but it is one of the most difficult parts too. Hair colouring is a very basic and simple task which can be done every day easily at home but taking care of it is the most tiresome work which makes you conscious about your hair clout every second. You need to take care not only for your hair but also for the colour from getting damaged or from fading.

Moreover, the chemicals and substances present in your hair colour or dye can affect your hair in different ways or might have some side-effects which can damage it completely. All you need to do is to acquire some tips to preserve your colour from harm and fading due to some uncertain environmental factors or by your daily casual activities which can be able to ruin the condition of your coloured hair.

Therefore, here we have shortlisted a few methods that can definitely help to protect your hair colour for a longer period and give you lasting and healthy hair dying experience. Scroll down if you have coloured your hair and in calamitous need to preserve your colour.

Do not Shampoo for at least 72 hours

The common, first and biggest mistake one can commit after colouring their hair is to wash it too soon after dyeing by using shampoo. The hair colouring process works by opening the cuticle sheets of your hair which permit the colour to adapted by your hair strands. Where shampoo tends to close that layer, which makes your hair unable to get the complete colour and it remains just like before. For your hair to entirely absorb the colour into it and close the cuticles it takes at least 72 hours. That is why you should give your hair colour the time to complete the whole process and to save your hair colour brilliantly.

Do not shower your hair daily

Even if you have saved your hair colour from fading for 72 hours and the cuticles layer of your hair closes, cleansing your hair by shampoo regularly can help your colour to discharge. The shampoo contains various harsh formulation which is designed to cleanse your hair profoundly in order to remove dirt and other necessary removals. Beside removing that dirt, it also lightens your hair colour and can make your colour fade in just a few washes. Thus, it is important to look after your hair colour and avoid washing it often by using a shampoo that can help the colour to escape from your hair and use a good brand product that can protect your hair color just like joico brand does.

Use colour protect product instead of your regular one

If you are in a dire need to shampoo your hair often in case your look messy without wash or shampoo then try to switch your shampoo or other hair product with colour protecting product. When you colour your hair, it becomes little but sensitive by the process and colour protecting products are designed to meet the actual demand of your hair at that time. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the present condition of your hair and give it an amazing protecting product such as joico k pak colour therapy conditioner which has been made specially to protect the recently coloured hair and make your hair colour last longer than usual.

Always use cold water while rinsing your hair

We know that it does not sound the more preferable or convenient option in the winter but applying cold water will help to preserve your hair colour to a great extent as it closes the cuticle layer on your hair and prevents the colour to fade easily. Where hot water unbolts the layer of cuticles and lets your hair colour easily escape from your hair. So, it is the suggestion to use cold water over hot after treating your hair and colouring it to save your hair colour from fading.

Make your hair sidestep heat styling tools

Heat can be the major enemy of your hair when it undergoes some chemical procedure and gets the dye treatment done as high heat or temperature make your hair damage and vulnerable which is already ruined or brittle by the colouring process. Try to avoid the much use of flat irons, curling machines and blow dryers to style your hair on a regular base to keep the hair safe and healthy and your colour to last longer.  If your hair is in a dire need to get styles by using one of these appliances then use a heat protectant product first and then use a heat styling tool.

Thus, only colouring your hair and having this big transformation will not make your effort visible, it takes a whole lot of determination to keep it in its actual place and preserve it with utmost care. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned methods in your regular regime and save your colour from escaping form your hair and make it last longer and give you awesome look always.

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