Ethereum Dark-Everything a Beginner Needs to know

This post is about Ethereum Dark-Everything a Beginner Needs to know.

In the last post, we learn about new cryptocurrency Electroneum. in this post again we are going to learn about new cryptocurrency.

the problem with the blockchain technology is its open source technology. so anyone can see the code and do changes.therefore in the market many duplicates or Fonzie currency are coming. ETHD is the duplicate currency of Ethereum.

where developers change some part of code and launches in the market.

so let’s start a review on Ethereum dark and explore what is ETHD, how it is different with Ethereum.

Everything Beginner should know about Ethereum Dark

Ethereum dark is just copy of Ethereum where the company does not allow ICO. They are saying we didn’t want to give a discount for some days. The every day should be same for users.

according to the official site, ETHD will be available to a popular exchanges site like coinexchange and poloniex.

according to site ethereum dark is a simple POW/POS coin. you can use this coin in future for exchanges but developer not decided what to do with this coin.

Ethereum Dark

Features of Ethereum Dark

-The p2p transaction, avoid mid man.
– lower transaction fee
-lighting transaction
-secure and safe mode of transaction.
-lower in number

should I invest in Ethereum Dark?

the thing which is noticeable about this currency is, it is limited in number to 4.2 billion. means lower in number is equal to high in demand. so investing in ETHD may be profitable if it gets in existence.


so this is just introduction and brief about Ethereum dark. not much is available in the market. the aim of the project is good but how they will achieve, no one knows.

ETHD is best for short-term investment as a number of the coin is limited. these coins are pos which says that more coin puts in stalk in future which increases demand for this currency after launch.

hope you like this post and understand what is Ethereum dark and how it is different with Ethereum.

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