What Is Pitra Dosh, How To Remove Pitra Dosha

In Vedic Astrology, the natal chart/birth chart of an individual can reflect Pitra Dosh. ‘Pitra’ literally means father but in this context it also means forefathers and Dosh means affliction.The Pitra Dosh is caused due to certain planetary placements in the birth-chart that is due to the ancestors of the native, who may have done something gravely wrong or were cursed by a victim/s because of some deed by them, sins they had committed, knowingly or unknowingly and which has now carried forward to the birth-chart of the native.Pitra Dosh in birth-chart also shows the possibility that the native, in a previous life, may have done something wrong against the parents or forefathers of that that lifetime. So the Pitra Dosh is like an inherited Karmic debt, ‘Pitru Rina’, which the native has to repay,by going through hardships in this lifetime, in the various aspects of life.

In Vedic Astrology, if a person has Pitra Dosh in his/her birth chart, it means that the ninth(9th.) house of the natal chart of the native will have Sun and Rahu conjunction and certain combination of other planets which creates the Pitra Dosh condition. Since the ninth house of the birth-chart is about father, ancestors, good luck and fate, so, with Pitra Dosh all the positive aspects of blessings of ancestors, good fortune etc. of the 9th house is cancelled.

Effects of Pitra Dosh

A person who has Pitra Dosh in the birth-chart goes through unhappy conditions which create turmoil in life. Some of the ill effects of Pitra Dosh are:-

    • Minimal or no success in profession or business even after best efforts
    • Jobs are difficult to find and even if job is acquired, sudden job loss at frequent intervals are common
    • Loss of money
    • Never ending debts and conditions of lack of money/poverty prevail
    • Hurdles in getting married which may lead to sometimes the native staying unmarried through life, without off- spring.
  • Conflicts in household which cause unhappy situations
  • Legal cases/ law suits present themselves causing tension
  • Inability to conceive and repeated miscarriage
  • Native’s child/children may be suffering from some fatal or grave inherited illness/disease mentally or physically
  • Accidental deaths or sudden deaths in the family

The favour of good fortune goes totally missing from the life of the native and reasons for sorrow becomes a continuous companion. The native in this condition feels harassed and cornered by life.

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Doingremedial measures in order to get relief from the severe conditions of Pitra Dosh is important or else life becomes an incessant cycle of bad luck.It is indicated in the ancient Hindu texts that paying oblation to the ancestors, pleases them and they bless so that we can spend a happy, healthy, successful life once again.

Some common simple remedies are giving food to Crows, street Dogs and charity of any kind to Sweepers. Mythology says Crows are representations of our ancestors/forefathers. These remedies are done to appease the planets Rahu and Ketu which are part of the Pitra Dosh in birth-chart.

Other remedies to remove Pitra Dosh:-

    • Observe ‘Pitru Paksha’, which is fortnight when prayers are offered to ancestors/forefathers specially through offering of food, which is called ‘Shraddh’. Perform the Shraddh ceremony and organize a feast to feed people and holy men like Sadhus etc., as it is believed that by doing this the unfulfilled desires of ancestors are severed and their souls can move on to their onward journey to higher realms.The added benefit is that the bad Karmas of the individual performing this are also cleared.
    • During Pitru Paksh, a feast for the Brahmins called Brahmin Bhoj is said to be a effective remedy for Pitra Dosh. Consider the invited Brahmins as ancestors and serve them with delicious food, with respect and the best hospitality and post the feast respectfully offer them a fees or ‘Dakshina’. Touching the feet of the Brahmins as mark of respect is also advised. The blessings received from the Brahmins accumulate to bless the souls of ancestors and help them in the path of liberation.
    • Performing the ritual of ‘Tarpan’ during Pitru Paksha also appeases the ancestors. Tarpan is offering water to Gods and ancestors and is done on the banks of Rivers or Lakes. Generally a qualified priest conducts the Tarpan ritual so that it is done as per rules specified in the ancient Hindu texts.
    • PindDaan is a Hindu ritual which is done after the Cremation of an individual as a homage to show him/her the light to attain ‘moksha’. Doing the ritual ofPindDaan for the ancestors during Pitra Paksha is common and should be followed by anyone who has Pitra Dosh in the birth-chart.
    • To strengthen the position of Sun in the birth-chart, the native can chant the powerful Gayatri mantra every morning while looking at the Sun.
    • The Pitru Sukt Puja is done to bring peace to the ancestors and can be done by the native who has been affected by Pitra Dosh.
  • To remove the malefic effects of Pitra Dosh, the Pitra Dosh Nivaran puja is considered highly beneficial to get relief and garner the blessings of the ancestors for an easier and better life. This puja benefits by giving better results in career, job, family and all other aspects which get ill effected by Pitra Dosh in the Horoscope.
  • Treat parents and elders with utmost respect and care and don’t hurt them.
  • Pious acts like getting an underprivileged girl married also helps to get the blessings of ancestors and satisfies them.

In a broader perspective, we should be conscious and aware of how we treat our parents, elders or senior citizens in this lifetime, else the laws of Karma come into play.


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