White Duck Outdoors Offers Best Wall Tent In USA

Whether you are an adventurer looking for some fun out in the wild or are someone who has decided to go for an outing with friends or family, the one thing you would need in either case is a good and reliable tent.If you’re looking for a tent that has enough room for a large group of people and a sturdy tent that can withstand tough weather conditions, then you are probably looking for a canvas wall tent in USA. Wall tents are one of the strongest and biggest tents in the market. With the best in class product quality and a great variety in the product range, wall tents have secured a stable place among customers. Below are some of the reasons why buying wall tents can be considered as a good purchase:

More space, more comfort

With the best wall tent in USA, you don’t need to worry about bumping your head to the tent ceiling every time you get up. With a good wall tent, do you get more room not only horizontally but also vertically? It is much easier to stand up, walk around, or simply feel more comfortable than cramped all the time. Also, as the design of the wall tents is more natural and similar to that of a house, it is automatically perceived as comforting and relaxing by our brains. Though it is not just about vertical height and structure of the tent, with wall tents, you can get ten times the size of floorspace that you would get with a standard dome-sized or triangular tent. A good and spacious wall tent will easily give you 150 square feet of floor space.

Stronger material

Yes, all tents are made of strong material, but when wall tents are being discussed, the level of strength is another level. It is quite rare to hear that a good quality wall tent got damaged by a heavy snowstorm or got tears from a hailstorm. Wall tents are made in such a way that they can withstand the harshest of the weather. With a strong material quality and good build, a wall tent can provide you much more protection in any other type of tent. These are mot only waterproof but also tear-resistant, which means they would barely develop any tears until an intentional force is applied.

Variety of uses

It is quite funny to imagine a dome tent in a local fair being used as a booth, but when you replace that dome-shaped tent with a wall tent, then suddenly, it doesn’t feel weird. The point is that wall tents are closest to having a make-shift temporary room. They have walls, windows and a proper roof because of which they don’t stand out and easily fit in. There are various events and occasions where you can use a wall tent such as your backyard, local fairs and exhibitions, camping, etc. You just need to get a bit creative and there you can have one of the coolest and amazing makeshift quarters ready in no time!


The one amazing thing about wall tents is that even though it is so strong and spacious just like a proper house, it is very easy to relocate and pack as well. As long as you use a wall tent properly, you can use it countless times without having to make any more investments. As they are made of good faulty, they are assured to last for good long years without any problems.

Keeping in mind the numerous benefits of wall tents, it is safe to say that it is a good investment that will be at your service for many years with the same quality and strength. Buy strong and best quality wall tents from White Duck Outdoors today! When you invest in a company with assured quality and sufficient warranty, you need not worry about shortcomings and losses on the purchase. With their good customer service and easy repairs, even if your tent does suffer some tears or such, you can easily get it replaced quickly. Wall tents are large tents but so convenient to carry that you would no problem while storing it or traveling with it.

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