Why is infertility on the rise in India?

Firstly infertility terms stand for the inability to conceive the baby within 12 months of trying. All the couples have dreams to conceive the baby. Amongst all the couples estimated more than 85% of couples could conceive the baby within twelve active months of trying while seven per cent of couples conceive the baby in the time period of two years. Most couples face too many miscarriages or problems of infertility after trying hard. Surprisingly, the infertility rate in India is increasing day by day.

It is a myth among the people that if the woman is not getting pregnant after the one year of marriage, then there is some problem or issue in the women. However, this is not precise. Moreover, in some of the cases, the problem is in the men. This problem is a diagnosis with the help of a gynaecologist. If you are encountering this problem, then you can contact the bestgynaecologist in Bangalore. Apart from it, there are numerous reasons behind infertility that are in the following ways:

Causes of infertility in women:

  • Irregular menstrual periods

As ovulation of the eggs is essential for women. This process starts from the two weeks earlier to the subsequent period. If the women have irregularity in the period, then it indicates that the egg is not ovulating. Generally, the cycle of the menstrual periods is about 21 to 35 days. The thyroid hormones either in the excess amount or in the least amount cause infertility in women. If the woman does not have the periods on time, then she should consult with the gynaecologist in Bangalore.

  • Women Age

The age of a woman also matters in the process of conceiving the baby. With age, the number of eggs decreases and this causes infertility. The egg quality is standard with a suitable age. But after the age of thirty-five, women likely face the problem in the process of fertility. top gynecologist in Bangaloreadvicegives the suggestion not to conceive the baby after the age of forty.

  • Uterine Abnormalities

Abnormalities in Uterine, with the cervix, additionally become the reason for infertility. If women have the tumours in the uterine walls, then it blocks the fallopian tube which causes infertility or miscarriages.

  • Endometriosis

When the tissue of endometrium grows outside the uterus, then it occurs. It affects the function of the fallopian tube, uterus, and ovaries. Endometriosis becomes the reason for infertility. Therefore, conveying the advice from the best gynaecologist in Bangalore is quite worthy as well as beneficial.

Cause of infertility in men

  • Abnormalities in the sperm function- The genetic defects, health problems or infections like gonorrhoea, HIV may also affect sperm production. Somehow, sperm production also becomes the cause of infertility.
  • Hormone imbalance- The reason behind infertility in the man is that the hormonal system does not function properly. Low testosterone also causes infertility.
  • Infection- Sexually transmitted disease also affects sperm production. It can cause the blockage in the transferring of sperm which causes
  • Tumours- Male reproductive organs are directly affected by tumours such as cancer and so on. Few of the males got through the numerous surgeries which may affect their fertility.

Except for all these reasons, some common reasons increase the rate of infertility in India, which is in the following ways:

  • Stress and lack of sleep affect the fertility of the men as well as women. It reduces sexual activity among couples. gynaecologist in marathahallifinds this problem in most of the couples.
  • Some men are habitual of drinking as well as smoking and these types of things affect the production of sperm. Standardly, Indians are habitual of these things. To a greater extent, teenagers consume alcohol in excess of amount.
  • Diseases like diabetes are commonly observed in every third youngster of India. So, this issue also surges the chances of infertility.
  • The discrepancy of vitamins, supplements in the diet causes infertility in women. The best gynaecologist in Bangaloreadvises the couples about a healthy diet.

In the end, mostly Indians face the problem of conceiving the baby at a primitive age. Instead of taking advice from the gynaecologist, they select the option of a second marriage. Apart from it, in the metro area, women are aware of this but at the rural part women even do not know about the ovary, sperm or many biological terms. There are numerous tests such as ovarian reserve tests. Moreover, you can do with the guidance of the best gynecologist in Bangalore, which indicates the exact root of infertility.

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