Windows Operating System For Computers And Laptops

Today almost everyone has a desktop computer or laptops systems. People use systems for work purpose, at home for entertainment purpose (watching movies online/listening songs/news from the internet), for gaming purpose, etc. for anything you want to do on your devices or system, you need its applications and to run these applications you need an operating system. At most of the workplaces people use the Windows Operating system or generally also out of workplaces like at home Windows Operating Systems is preferred.

There are many operating systems by windows today we will discuss some of them one by one. You also need to be ale while using the windows systems as they need o be updated time o time. Sometimes you might face the problem of stuck windows update. So don’t be panic neither worry about it, it happens generally for that you can troubleshoot the system and resolve the issue by some troubleshooting easy steps.

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The various windows operating systems are as :

  • Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) – 1981

This OS was developed by Microsoft in 1981, for IBM manufactured personal computers. This operating system was purely a command-line operating system. This OS was very simple in the starting but later on updated became a bit complicated to use.

  • Windows 1.2 – 2.0

this OS was launched in the year 1985. This OS was named as 1.0 due to the windows or the computing boxes. This OS represented the basic aspects of the Operating System. This OS was updated as the Windows 2.0 in the year 1987. This was designed for the Intel 286 processor. In this version of OS they added the desktop icons and keyboard shortcuts and also improved the graphics interface.

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  • Windows 3.0 – 3.1

This OS was developed and launched by Microsoft in 1990. This was initially designed for the Intel 386 processor. This was the improved version of Windows 2.0. this included the graphics with the 16 colors. This OS also offered better performance as well the improved icons for the desktop.

  • Windows 95

Windows 95 OS was designed and launched by Microsoft in the year 1995. This was a much more advanced version of the OS system at that time. This was the major upgradation by Microsoft in the OS. Windows 95 also supported the older versions and DOS applications to run on it. This OS can automatically detect and configure any new hardware attached to the system.

  • Windows 98

This OS was established in June 1998. This was again the major updation in the history of OS. This OS supported many new technologies, which includes, FAT32, AGP, MMX, USB, DVD, and ACPI. Windows 98 had the active desktop and most of the features were visible. This also included the internet explorer, i.e. the browser for surfing on the internet.

  • Windows Millennium (Windows ME)

Windows ME was the advanced version of the Windows 98. This version of the OS system removed the “boot in DOS”.

  • Windows NT 3.1 – 4.0

Windows NT was a 32-bit operating system. This OS had two active versions, Windows NT for desktops/laptops and Windows NT Server for the networking purpose.

  • Windows 2000

This OS was introduced in the year 2000. This OS was also abbreviated as W2K.  This OS was developed for the use on business desktops and laptops. The four versions of Windows 200 were released by Microsoft, they were Professional for business desktops and laptops. Windows 2000 Server for web server and office server both, Advanced server was for line of business applications and last one Datacenter server for high traffic computer networks.

  • Windows XP

Windows XP was the major breakthrough in the history of operating systems. This is the most widely used and preferred operating system and was liked by everyone for use. This OS was launched in October 2001. This windows OS was launched in two versions Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional Edition. Its user interface was highly appreciated and was good to feel. This was one of the highly sell Microsoft products as well.

  • Windows Vista

Windows Vista was the advancement of the Windows XP. This OS had the advancement in reliability, security, easy to categorize, it’s performance and manageability over Windows XP. This OS had one of the features of detecting the hardware problems of the system before they occur. This OS was launched in November 2006.

  • Windows 7

Windows 7 was released on 22n October 2009. This was the most advanced and the latest version of the Windows operating systems by Microsoft in the history of windows operating systems for 25 years. The most advanced features include the much more improved media center and security and also the support for the virtual hard disk.

  • Windows 8

Windows 8 OS was launched on 1st August 2012. This OS was designed by keeping in mind the feature of touch screen monitors for the users. This OS also had the capability to get a start in a few seconds instead of minutes in the older versions of OS of windows. Windows 8 supports x86, 64-bit, and ARM processors.

  • Windows 10

This OS was introduced on 29th July 2015. Followed by Windows 8 this version was more advanced in the series of Windows OS. 

Conclusion: So this is all about the Windows Operating Systems from Microsoft. All the Operating Systems developed Microsoft were the advancement of each other followed by older to newer. All of these OSs were easy to use. I hope you liked this article. There are other operating systems for servers and mobile phones from Microsoft in the series of Windows Operating System, those we will see in our next article later.


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